Lune Croissanterie

Do you like pastries? Because I do? In fact I love baked goods; bread, cakes, muffins, scones. If it can be found in a bakery or a patisserie, chances are I will like eating it. So when D told me about this amazing little store in Elwood that opens for only 3 days a week and people line up for it, from 6am in the morning I was intrigued.

Lune is located is a quiet suburb area of Elwood. It's by sis/bro team Kate and Cam. Kate had extensive experience under her belt prior opening this little quaint shop with her brother. If you haven't read the newspaper articles, you might be wondering why line at up 6am and not go later? Well, Lune only bakes a limited amount of pastries each day. Tickets go out around 6.30am and the first 30 people in line will get a choice of everything on offer for the day and the subsequent numbers, less as the number goes up.

I actually made 2 visits to Lune, the first time was a Sunday. I got there at 6.20am on a Sunday morning and we were number 72. By the time it reached us, there was still pastries but only plain croissants were left. We left with only 6 plain croissants (6 is the limit per person).

Even though I didn't get any flavoured croissants I was not disheartened. 2 weeks later I went again but this time I went with Miss P. We got there at 6 this time was number 32 and 33. This time round we had almost the choice of everything. The Danish and ham cheese croissant was sold out by the time it got to us. This was a tad disappointing because all morning while waiting in line, Miss P kept saying how badly she wanted that one.

For my 6 I got 1 plain, 2 cruffins, 1 twice baked, 1 rosewater, pistachio chocolate and 1 choc almond.

The cruffin flavours were tiramisu and peanut butter and jam. The cruffin was fluffy and the mascapone was piped into the centre of the cruffin evenly and a hint of coffee. It was buttery, creamy, sweet, and just so damn good.

The PBJ cruffin was Miss P's favourite. A good ratio of peanut butter to jam to highlight the salty and the sweet.

I actually wanted a pain au chocolat but when I heard what was in it, I changed my mind in a heartbeat. The rosewater gave it that beautiful fragrant and the pistachio that nutty goodness. Loved it

Choc almond croissant also came with a hint of orange frangipane. Fluffy like the rest and the perfect amount of buttery goodness.

The twice baked coconut pandan was my favourite out of everything I tried. The top was covered in crunchy almond flakes and filling was stuffed with coconut and pandan granache. I loved how the pandan ganache wasn't too sweet and didn't take away from the actual pastry and the butter taste still had a gentle linger.

If all you can get it plain, I would still take it. These babies were airy and fluffy. I got 6 the first time and stuffed 2 with cheese and ham when I got home. I ate it plain, I ate it with jam. Mum ate one and also agreed it was one of the best croissants she's tasted.

Over 18.5/20 this place kicks ass in terms of it's produce. Is it worth waking up that early for? Hell yea! However still wish she will make more, so I can buy more and get more sleep.

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