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So I a mid-semester break...... what did I get upto in that time you ask! I went hunting for food!Quaff is a fine dining experience located in Toorak village. Only thing is I went for lunch and had the set lunch! With a slick waitress and fine white table cloth it is perfect when you want to feel a little pampered.

For this one I need to thanks Oanh for telling me about it! It's all about the open pie this time!

With a nice selection of entrees to choose from I couldn't pass up a salt and pepper calamari.It was a nice soft just enough to still maintain a bouncy texture. It was not too oily or dry with the perfect succulent moisture going it through and nicely matched with a bed of rocket leaves. That was merely the deception I got. The verdict? It was nice but I would have prefer the calamari to have a slightly more richer flavour. Not badly done but just didn't match up the image it painted in my mind when I was ordering it.

As my main it was the open I was eager to try op…

Brunch at Miss Marple's

One of the things I enjoy most is life is sleeping in but when you sleep in you normally miss out on breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Life's solution? Brunch!I know Miss Marple's is famous for being a fabulous afternoon tea spot, but I like to go there for brunch. Why you may ask? Besides being lazy, I always end up eating a lot and feeling like I need a wheelbarrow to carry me out each time I eat there. The servings are not huge, but there are just so many things on the menu that I like. Mt Dandenong being a destination I don't go to very frequently I normally try to eat everything I feel like on the menu and hence each time I over stuff myself with food! So here are a few of my favourites that I had on my most recent trip there!

Chicken and Pineapple fingers with alfalfa: a really simple starter. The chicken is not the best but it does have a very 'homey' feel to it. Something your grandmother would make for you. The chicken is a little overcook but …