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Monday, May 4, 2009


So I a mid-semester break...... what did I get upto in that time you ask! I went hunting for food!
Quaff is a fine dining experience located in Toorak village. Only thing is I went for lunch and had the set lunch! With a slick waitress and fine white table cloth it is perfect when you want to feel a little pampered.

For this one I need to thanks Oanh for telling me about it! It's all about the open pie this time!

With a nice selection of entrees to choose from I couldn't pass up a salt and pepper calamari.
It was a nice soft just enough to still maintain a bouncy texture. It was not too oily or dry with the perfect succulent moisture going it through and nicely matched with a bed of rocket leaves. That was merely the deception I got. The verdict? It was nice but I would have prefer the calamari to have a slightly more richer flavour. Not badly done but just didn't match up the image it painted in my mind when I was ordering it.

As my main it was the open I was eager to try open pie with creamy mash! The filling we had was the beef and vegetable. I had to say the pies here are different because it is not the usual pie pastry but it is a light fluffy pastry that does not feel heavy at all. The filling did not disappoint either. The beef strips were just cooked to perfection with a combination of capsicum, tomato and onion they went with the flavour perfectly! (I normally don't eat capsicum and I ate each bit of capsicum in this pie). The picture speaks my desire to go back!

Desert supposingly is the best but I have to say the berry sorbet was a huge disappointment. The sorbet was served with fresh berry puree. Rather than the sweet tasting berry I was hoping for the berry was sour and at times the sorbet left a bitter aftertaste. The lemon sorbet could really have done with some sugar. I know it's all good to be natural but sometime we have sugar salt and other flavours to give natural a little helping hand. This lemon sorbet was in need of that! I am either not a sorbet person or it was just crappy sorbet. One or the other, I like to think the sorbet wasn't great.

Overall: 13/20 It would have got higher rating had not been for the sorbet but I will go back for the pie! According to a reliable source they also have a open pie with a creamy fish filling which apparently is delightful!

Pricing was $30 for the lunch special which I found very reasonable. It also came with a glass of house wine. I managed to take a photo of the menu so be the judge for yourself $$(and a half)
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