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Hawk & Hunter - Zomato Meetup

Recently I had the privilege of being invited to a Zomato meetup hosted by Hawk & Hunter. Located in Ripponlea it's one of those places which makes a great local cafe with plenty of buzz, atmosphere and caffeine.

The owner Amanda picked out a great brunch menu for us and along with Bistro Morgan's treats on the table, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into all of them.

First thing that came around was the signature falafels with cauliflower and red peppers. These little balls had a fiery kick to it while being crisp on the outside.

Next was the mini wagyu beef burgers. I am a big lover of burgers so when I saw this I was already salivating. It was a basic burger with the beef patty, lettuce, caramelized onion, homemade tomato relish in a seeded bun. It wasn't fancy but it got all the key elements right. The patty was juicy and well seasoned, the onion and the tomato relish provided the sweet and zest.

The dukkha crusted chicken tenderloin with kale and pea salad. Chicke…

New Subscribe Option

To the regular readers of my blog... and anyone new, here for the first time (Welcome).

There is now a subscribe option on the right hand menu, so you can be notified next time I write about another food adventure. If you are here just for the photos, that's cool too.

Or if you are really bored and killing time..... well it gives you something to look at, next time you feel bored.

Tokyo Tina

If you read my blog often enough, you will know I do enjoy eating out A LOT. Tokyo Tina was one of the latest places I became obsessed with over Instagram (yes I am very active on it and maybe even slightly addicted). So it gave me the perfect excuse when D asked to eat somewhere new.

Located on Chapel St, Tokyo Tina is the poster child for that hipster restaurant with fusion food, cool decor and filled with people. Oh and yes! There is a "no booking system" unless you come with a full posse. D and I learnt the trick over the years is to show up after 8pm with only 2 people, chances are there will be a seat at the bar (we don't mind) or it's just a short wait. AND yes it did work for us this time as well.
Once seated we had a lovely waitress attend to us straight away to explain how the menu worked and to take our drink order. Melbourne weather (being freezing cold right now), turned me off getting my usual cocktail. We were quite unadventurous and just got water (yes,…

New Entertainment Section - Strictly Ballroom

So this is the first post to the new section of my blog. This is the entertainment section. I will be sharing with you the things you can do on the weekends or upcoming events.

I was lucky enough to go Strictly Ballroom as a guest of Nuffnang recently.

If you haven't seen Baz Luhrmann's iconic movie, don't worry, you don't need to. The musical does it more than enough justice and I dare even say, it's better than the movie.

The show captivates you from the very beginning. The costumes are colourful, and very close to the actual movie. Love is actually in the air for the whole show.

Thomas Lacey and Phoebe Panaretos have magical feet and their dancing steps were spectacular. It's a must see and their vocals breath life into the classics like Time after Time.

Don't worry, since it's in Melbourne you can turn it into a spectacular night of food and entertainment. D and I grabbed a quick bite at Gazi beforehand. We told the host that we had a musical plan and th…

No.8 by John Lawson

D and I rarely get a chance to date night these days but when he knew that I really wanted to see the Avengers, he made sure he booked seats in advance so we could have a fancy date night. Due to the cold Melbourne weather, Crown seemed like a sensible place to see the movie, nice cinema and plenty of places to eat.

No.8 has been revamped for quite a while now and I haven't had the chance to try it since John Lawson's name was added to their name. This felt like the perfect opportunity to try them.

I am really lucky that D is never stingy when it comes to food, and enjoys a good meal, glass of wine and beautiful atmosphere with me. However, given we were on a tight time frame we decided 2 course was the way to go and if we had time at the end, we would consider dessert.

For starters I got the Jieama ravioli salad. Jiemam a root vegetable similar to a yam, it was served with snap peas, chilli, avocado and pistachio. I loved the chilli bringing in a bit of fire to an otherwise fres…

Hung Vuong Saigon

Prior to Bear going back to Sydney, we did manage to squeeze in a pho date in the West. Pho is one of my favourite things to eat in the Melbourne winter. It's warm soup noodle and best of all, it's generally good, fast and cheap.

During a project with A, he introduced to me Hung Vuong calling it the best pho in Melbourne, he took me and he was right. I then told Bear, Miss P and Mario about it and they were all keen to try it so off we went to the west.

Miss P got the BBH which had a nice rich broth and a soup loaded with topping.

Bear got the pork chop rice. It came with lemongrass scented pork chops, shredded meat load, cucumber, carrots served on a bed of broken rice and fish sauce on the side. The pork chop was well marinated and cooked till it was soft enough to be cut through with a spoon. Quite a satisfying meal.

Mario got the beef special. This is basically a pho version of 'burger with the lot', it had fresh beef, beef balls, tripe, beef sausage, blood and silky s…

Fritz Gelato

This is a name that has been popping up a number of times in the newspaper recently. Melbourne and Sydney have been going through a gelato craze so there has been a number of articles on the best gelato in town. Fritz's name has popped up quite a few times.

Anyway I was near one last Saturday night, so the time had come for me to try one. D and I visited the one in Richmond. It's located on Bridge road, near all the restaurants.

We walked in and was greeted with a friendly guy behind the counter offering us to taste. The strawberry panna cotta caught my eye, so I had that to taste. It was too sweet for my liking. I really wanted pistachio when I walked in and sadly they didn't have any that day.

In the end D and I decided to get a 3 scoop to share, it was like 3 degrees outside and we couldn't decide on the forth flavour so we just got 1, 3 scoop to share. We got the hazelnut, blood orange and strawberry sundae.

The hazelnut was the winner out of the 3, velvety texture and…

Baby Pizza & Cafe

Baby Pizza is part of the Chin Chin and Kong family. The eccentric cafe is located in Richmond right opposite Top Paddock. It ticks off all the boxes for cool, hip, funky setting with creative and good food. Baby Pizza has been open for awhile but it always got me curious as to why it didn't receive the same hype as it's sister stores, Chin Chin and Kong. I read reviews and it all rated the place to be average but I prefer to try things myself so I ventured there for dinner with D.

We got there around  8.45pm on a Saturday night so we got a table without any issues.

We decided not to eat ourselves silly (for once) and just got 2 pizza and a salad to share. 

First pizza was the malanzine, this had eggplant, buffalo mozzarella, basil, cherry roma tomatoes and chilli served with a fior de latte cheese. The pizza base was nice and thin and had just the right amount of topping to not have the base too soggy.

Second pizza was the polpette which was a meatballs pizza. It also came wi…