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Friday, July 24, 2015

Hawk & Hunter - Zomato Meetup

Recently I had the privilege of being invited to a Zomato meetup hosted by Hawk & Hunter. Located in Ripponlea it's one of those places which makes a great local cafe with plenty of buzz, atmosphere and caffeine.

The owner Amanda picked out a great brunch menu for us and along with Bistro Morgan's treats on the table, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into all of them.

First thing that came around was the signature falafels with cauliflower and red peppers. These little balls had a fiery kick to it while being crisp on the outside.

Next was the mini wagyu beef burgers. I am a big lover of burgers so when I saw this I was already salivating. It was a basic burger with the beef patty, lettuce, caramelized onion, homemade tomato relish in a seeded bun. It wasn't fancy but it got all the key elements right. The patty was juicy and well seasoned, the onion and the tomato relish provided the sweet and zest.

The dukkha crusted chicken tenderloin with kale and pea salad. Chicken was cooked just right with a middle eastern themed taste.

In between I had to try their juice. A combination of watermelon, apple, passionfruit and orange. Very fresh with just enough tang from the passionfruit

Final savory was the smoked salmon canapes. Smoke salmon with creme fraiche on a corn and zucchini fritter. I really enjoyed the fritters, it wasn't too oily and had the right ratio of corn to zucchini.

Before we started with Bistro Morgan's goodies, there was also the pineapple, passionfruit tarts. Small bite size tartlets with a good amount of passionfruit and pineapple filling.

Then there were the baked goodies by Morgan. We cut them up so we could try more. The first one I went for was the chocolate mint doughnut. Fresh mint chips with a chocolate syringe for the chocolate. Fluffy doughnuts that didn't leave the oily taste. Really wanted a second one.

Raspberry white chocolate. This came topped with white chocolate and a jam filled syringe. Again the fluffiness was the winner.

Salted caramel popcorn and creme brulee wasn't a syringe doughnut it was still lip-smacking good. 

Then there was the cookie. Crumbly cookie sandwich. I went with the raspberry cheesecake filling. It wasn't too  sweet and the filling was just right, it wasn't too sweet and hard. It made the perfect afternoon snack.

Morgan was nice enough and gave everyone a lemon meringue tart to take home. I ate mine 2 days after and the pastry base was still soft and crumbly. Meringue was whipped with lots of elevation.

Kombucha and Almond Milk also gave us goodies to take home so a big shout out to them. I've had almond milk before so I was very happy to take some home. I'm becoming more and more lactose intolerant as the days go by so I have been experimenting with different soy and almond milks. I found that I actually prefer my coffees with almond these days. I love the nutty flavour, it makes the coffee flavor more enhanced in my opinion.

Never had Kobucha before, I went with the Matcha zen. I love my green tea, when I'm not drinking coffee, I will have a mug of green tea on my all day (my dentist Dr Cocks loves me for this... opps). The matcha kobucha I got was a green tea elixir. It didn't taste like your typical green tea, because it was fermented with probiotics, it had that zest. It reminded me of preserved sour plum. Very refreshing, a good afternoon pick me up.

Overall I have a wonderful time. I really enjoyed the food at Hawk & Hunter. Blown away by the talent of Bistro Morgan and discovered a new drink that is good for me. Thank you for inviting me Zomato!

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