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The Pour Kids

It's rare I get a visit from Jar Jar in my city; normally l see her in sunny Brissy or we meet in the middle (aka: Sydney). I hardly get to see her in Melbourne so since she was in town I had to take her out for brunch. Together with KT we set out to Malvern where we paid Pour Kid a visit. l really wanted to take Jar Jar to one of the more iconic Melbourne brunch spots but none of us where keen on the idea of waiting 30+ minutes for a table. Pour Kids is off Glenferrie Rd in Malvern so it served the purpose of the cool, hip, local brunch spot typical of the Melbourne brunch scene. We got a seat immediately, so that was a relief.
Once seated our drink orders were taken. KT and Jar Jar got a soy latte, I opted for a juice (orange, grapefruit and apple). Coffee was smooth but the beans were more on the light side.

For the main affair Jar Jar got the Smash & Grab. This is a classic smashed avocado, poached egg and feta on sour dough toast - Pour Kids added roasted tomatoes to it…

Mustafa Gemuse Kebap

Welcome to the Germany edition of Missy Ness! Over the next few weeks l will be showing you some of the food adventures l had in Europe.

When in Berlin one must try a doner kebab. Besides all the great sausages, schnitzels, pretzels and apple strudel, Berlin has a lot of kebab stores. It's a quick feed for those in a hurry. Since I was only here for a few days and didn't want to waste my calories and meals on something that was touristy, I did my research (and with a bit of luck we also drove pass this place and noticed the line) and found Mustafa's. Since Germany doesn't have Zomato, I relied on yelp and Tripadvisor. Lucky for me, they made it easy and both pointed towards Mustafa's as one of the most popular and highly rated.

It's a tiny store located on a main road with lots of cars driving by although you won't miss it as at any one time there is always a line there. Research tells me the standard wait is 45 minutes however when I went with FU, AA and …

Axil Coffee Roasters

Axil is located on Burwood Road in Hawthorn (near the corner of Glenferrie Road).  It's one of those gems l discovered when I was working in the area. In a big warehouse conversion space, it's got that cool, hip vibe. This place is bursting with people every time I visit, so don't be too surprised if you need to wait 15 minutes or so for a table.

D and I came here for a quick bite for our usual brunch routine on the weekend. We had our drinks order taken as soon we an sat down. To change things up a little and an attempt to be more healthy, D opted for water and l got fresh orange juice.

For the main show, D got the potato hash. This came with a big Portobello mushroom, poached egg, truffle sauce, crispy fried parmesan wafer and finished with porcini salt. This is the perfect dish for any mushroom lover; the truffle aroma is intense and paired with the poached egg over the potato hash it created the balance of hearty and potato goodness. I went with the red velvet pancake…

Home Thai

I was so happy to find out that Jarjar was in Sydney the same time as me for a project. It meant I got to pig out with her again! Since it was her birthday recently, it was more the reason to celebrate. There was 3 of us for dinner (Jarajar, SJ and me) so Thai felt the most appropriate to share, nibble and have a few giggles.

We went to the Home Thai on Sussex Street on a Monday night and lucky for us, the wait wasn't that awful.

Faced with a menu full of choice, the other 2 left the ordering to me and I gladly accepted the challenge. I am someone who hate leaving a restaurant not feeling full, so anybody who ever dines with me, will know to except a food baby at the end of their meal.

To start I ordered the seafood tom yum, it was a fairly cold day, warm soup was a great way to start. This was more on the spicy side, I loved it and could take the heat fine but I could see SJ struggling with the heat. The soup has a generous amount of prawns, mushroom and corriander.

Next was th…

Hash Coffee Speciality

Most weekends I like to look for K (my fav brunch buddy) especially when I find new and interesting cafes. My trip to Hash was no different. So K, R, D and I set out to the city to try this new place. Located on Hardware Lane, its one of the signature Melbourne styled "side lane" cafes. It's a quiet and raw atmosphere.

I actually came here for the hot chocolate. So once we sat down, we got straight to business and ordered our drinks. K and I both got the hot chocolate, R and  D got their usual latte. The latte was smooth and milk was just the right temperature.

The hot chocolate here comes with turkish fairy floss and  you pour the the liquid chocolate into the fairy floss. The chocolate is very rich and the fairy floss was more a novelty and didn't add much sweetness. I would suggest when pouring the hot mork chocolate into the cup, you aim for the centre, otherwise as the rairy floss melts, it might get a tad messy. If you are one who doesn't favour decantdent…

Tall Timber

On the rare bright sunny weekend in Melbourne. D and I ventured out to Prahan. I had been long wanting to try Tall Timber, with the beautiful weather, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Located on the corner of Commercial road and Perth street, it was a quint little cafe that was bursting with people. We got there around 1pm and waited 20 minutes to get a table. I didn't mind, as I got to enjoy some sun in the process.

D and got our drinks while we decided on what to eat. D got his usual latte while I went for a fresher option,  orange juice. D coffee was smooth and good balance in aromas.

For the main show, D got the beetroot  cured ocean trout . This came with a smashed peas, radish, beetroot, poached egg, black tahini and croutons. A bit different from the usual breakfast affair of 'bacon and eggs', in a good way. The ocean trout was a winner, the beetroot juices seeped into the fish well and all the other elements on the plate provided a wholesome feeling and sati…