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Taco Truck

Finally, the taco truck was in the city today. So I walked half way across the city to finally give these tacos a try!

I was greated with a windy allyway and a super long line. Since I already spent the last 35 min walking to this allyway, I was not going to give up that easily.

Fish Taco

Fish batter is nice and the fish is fluffy inside - it is not a crispy batter though. I think this works well for the taco to give it a consistent texture. However some people might like the crunch to add a different dimension so personal preference. Taco wrapping was very nice, not too toasted  and not too thick either. It holds the excellent dressing well (and the ok salad mix). Flavour combination is very nice, and you could easily down 2 or 3 of these fish tacos.

Potato Taco

Very interesting concept with hard shell made from potato and filled with soft potato, coleslaw and ricotta cheese and topped with green salsa. The flavours in this one was definitely different and a bit more intense. The combinat…

Naked for Satan

I've seen this name pop up a bit over the years and quite a few friends have mentioned it. So when my partner said we were going there for a midweek date night, I got super excited. This place is really a bar with tapas (they call it pintxos) that works on an honesty system. There is an array of pintxos on the bar and each of them will have a toothpick. How it works is that you help yourself to whatever you like and the bill is calculated at the end based on how many toothpicks you have. It's not expensive at all, lunch Mon-Fri and dinner Sun-Wed is $1 per toothpick and all other times it's $2 a toothpick.

There was a nice selection but I'll start off with my favorite, the squid ink with calamari. Strong robust flavours from the risoni is paired nicely with the calamari. 

Then there was also the cauliflower spread with prawn and finished with garlic. Very creamy but then a hint of meaty and freshness from the prawn.

The eggplant chip with blue cheese and honey; and the ch…

Le Petit Gateau

I know there is a lot of new cake and dessert stores popping up everywhere. However Le Petit Gateau remains one of my favorite cake stores in Melbourne. I have known about this place for awhile now and it only recently occurred to me, I rave on about how great Lux Bite is, in my blog but I never mention anything about a place I regularly visit.

I've compiled this post from a number of visits, hoping to capture as many of their cakes as possible.

This place has a rather popular Brownie and passionfruit chocolate gateau. Made up of a nutty brownie base, passionfruit cream, chocolate moouse, chocolate glaze and a passionfruit jelly on top. The flavours come incredibly well together. It is a rich cake, but the array of flavours in chocolately and has that hint of sourness from the passionfruit mmmmmmm heaven on the tastebuds!

Another one I really like is the cosmopolitan. This is made up of a carrot cake base, cheesecake centre and a raspberry jelly on top. A combination of rather simple…

Shanghai Street Dumpling

I always walk pass this place and there is always a line outside. At the start I dismissed it as just another cheap, nasty dumpling place. However my partner kept going on about how he wanted to try it, so I eventually agreed to go with him.

Upon arriving I was quite surprised that it was a lot cleaner than the usual cheap dumpling places and was a lot more pleasent to be able to talk over a meal rather than shout.

There was no way I could visit a dumpling place without trying the xiao long bao. The xiao long bao exceeded my low expectations, it was not as oily as I imagined it to be. The fried xiao long bao had a really thick skin but the filling was juicy and not too fatty.
What deserves a mention is their wonton in chilli oil and peanut sauce. These come in a plate of 15 and they are super tasty with a bit of a kick from the chilli oil. If you like something spicy there is always extra chilli oil on the table. The nuttiness from the peanut sauce almost gives it slightly creamy dimensi…

Ying Thai 2

End of the week and all I wanted was just a good, cheap, fast dinner before heading to my friend's birthday drinks. I wanted my Coconut rice and Green curry on a rainy cold night so Ying Thai 2 seem to fit my craving.
For those who haven't been before, it is located on Lygon St and generally quite hard to get a table on weekends, as it was once upon a time, a cheap place for uni students to grab a bite.
I've had their salads before and I know how electrifying spicy they can be. So when I ordered the Som Tum salad with crab I specifically asked that it be mild. When it came out, I must say I was very disappointed. The crab was not a fried soft shell crab, as I thought it would be. It was just a crab steamed and pulled apart. Even though I asked for mild it was still so spicy my mouth went numb. Then when I asked the waitress about it she said it was already mild. I am not stupid and I am pretty sure my dish was not mild. Then there was the Pad Thai. This was not outstanding or…

Snow Pony

What to do on a lazy Sunday with gloomy weather..? Have brunch!

Located on a local shopping strip in Balwyn, this is not some place you would know about unless you were local or the type the of person who researches your food adventures.

To start off I shared a McPony with my partner. This is as you probably guessed, a bacon and egg muffin inspired by McDonald's breakfast menu. Tasty bacon and soft egg with melted cheese..... definitely hit the spot for me to start my meal.

"Giddy up" which is almost like breakfast with the lot. Poach eggs, bacon, roast tomato, avocado, mushrooms on grained toast. You can't really get this wrong and Snow Pony gets it really right.

The smashed avocado with mushrooms is mushroom and avocado overload. It's a great dish if you love your mushrooms and avocado, it comes with feta, which gives it a nice kick in flavour.

Then there is the toasted banana bread, with mascapone, banana, berries and pistachio. This is absolutely amazing. For me…

Fonda Mexican

Seen this place's name pop up everywhere lately, so since i'm on a Mexican obsession phase, I decided I might as well give it a go. Walking in, you are greeted with a amora of Mexican from the kitchen near the enterance.
Going through the menu I decided to try something from each section.

Started my meal with the corn and I must say this was such a let down. I honestly didn't think modern/fusion Mexican resturants can get this wrong. The serving size was small and it was obvious they used frozen corn cobs rather than fresh corn cobs. At $3.50 a per serve it's not exactly cheap and considering a fresh full size corn is only $0.70 in supermarkets, it was not just up to scratch. If it intends to compare with other Mexican resturants such as Mamasita's, they should really reconsider where they source their ingredients.
Chipotle aioli chips were next. The chips where fluffy and crisp, but the chipotle mayo did nothing for me. I regretted choosing the chips over the nachos.

Paco's Taco

Lately I've been obsessed with Mexican food and my research lead me to Paco Taco. Situated near MoVida on the rooftop, this place would sure make a cool 'date night' in summer. Sadly, I didn't go on a summer night, but a winter midday for lunch. Fortunately, I had a bit of sun to keep me warm.
When you look over at this place, it looks like just a canteen/bar type of place, which it kind of is......
All tacos are $6 so pricing won't come into play when picking out the filling for your taco. Since this is a taco joint, I'll start off with the tacos. I ordered 3 of the 6 tacos on their menu. To keep it basic I got the prawn, beef and pork. They served the tacos with lemon and coriander, to be quite honest, it wasn't that spectacular. After, trying the tacos at El Loco in Sydney, these seemed rather ordinary. Personally I found the large amount of coriander a bit of an overkill... I guess if you haven't been to El Loco you might like it more than I did.
The N…

Menya Mappen

Back in Sydney for work. Had dinner plans for catch with a friend, but get a call last minute that she has to cancel... What to do..? Well I still need to be fed regardless.
Since it was a Thursday night, I wondered down to Westfield to see if anything there catches my attention. If you have read my previous post, you will know I like my truffle oil, Parmesan chips. So I get myself a serving of that to start nibbling on.... However chips alone isn't quite dinner and since I was in Sydney with spare time, it felt a bit of shame not to try something new.
Keep wandering around and I find myself on George Street passing Menya Mappen. I have walked passed this place a number of times and I've always been curious to try it. Since it was a freezing day, soupy noodles sounded like the way to go.
I was a bit surprise to see how busy the place was, and also a bit overwhelmed. It looked confusing and I had no idea how to order. Took me a few minutes before I realised they didn't do r…


I have been wanting to come here for at least a whole month, before the day finally arrived. People have been telling me about it, the newpapers have been raving on about it. So it has been a long month to wait, before I found the time to head down to Collingwood.
I've heard about the waiting times before, so I thought going at 2.30 on a Sunday afternoon would mean no wait. Boy was I wrong, my boyfriend and I still waited for 45 min to an hour before we got our food.
The place is tiny, so I would definitely recommend you get take away considering the current freezing Melbourne weather. The place is run down but filled with people, so you really can't miss it when you go down Smith St.
The menu only consists of 5 burgers, 1 of them being a kids burger.
First one up was the original Huxtaburger. This has all the classic fillings: beef patty, mustard, mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese and tomato sauce. What makes this the winning burger is the mayo and pickles. Unlike the usual …

Mrs Parma's

This is one of those places that the boys like to head to on a night out. Lots of beer to choose from and a whole menu of Parma's
I am not someone who will shy away from a good parma either, so I was more than happy to go again.
We had the Mushroom Parma with veal. This was really as simple as Napoli sauce with oregano and mushroom topped with cheese. The meat was very juicy and it was crumbed nicely. Not a stand out but no complains from me either.
Next was the Roast Pumpkin Parma with chicken. This consisted of feta, roast pumpkin and basil, with the same Napoli sauce and cheese as the Mushroom parma. Again nicely crumbed but because the pumpkin was roasted, towards the end of the meal it started to get soggy from the water content in the pumpkin. Nice homey flavours. (Not quite sure why it was in a funny fish shape......)
Finally, there was the blistered pepper with veal. This was literally one big pepper on top, with bocconcini and basil accompanied with cheese and Napoli sauce. F…

El Loco

Another weekend in Sydney, so I could not pass the chance to swing by Surrey Hills and check out another one of Dan Hong's place. I've heard about El Loco and I normally like Mexican food, so I didn't need much more of a push.
When I got there, it was not as I expected. I knew the place was a drinking venue but I didn't expect a crowd to the door. There is no table service here, you pretty much just go in find yourself a seat and order (a bit like a canteen, but in a fun way). I had to admit when I walked in I was a overwhelmed but luckily one of the really cute chef noticed us and explained to my boyfriend how things worked. He even helped us look for a table
Anyway, on to the real reason for this blog, the food! Let's start with the tacos. All their tacos are $5 and they have 6 options, 1 being a secret taco that changes daily. So here it goes the tacos that I tried:
The pollo, a chicken taco with sweet corn salsa. This was my favourite taco out of all the ones I tr…

Laksa King

I have a Malaysian mum who does lots of Malaysian dishes at home. So it is rare that I find a Malaysian restaurant that I absolutely love. Anybody who has friends with Malaysian mums or have a Malaysian mum will know that most of them are good cooks and can do a wide range of Malaysian hawkers cuisine at home.

This going to be a short post because I pretty much eat the same thing everytime I visit.

To start with I always get the roti rolls. Satay chicken with cucumber, red onions wrapped in a warm roti roll. Always gives me that very satisfied feeling.

As a main, there is no way you can visit Laksa King and not have a Laksa. They do have a whole range of different laksa's but I always like to get the combination laksa with extra eggplants yummmmmm

The reason I like the laksa here so much is the soup is very coconut creamy, unlike the typical food court styled laksa that are just watery and a bit of spice through it. This has a full body soup with fragrant curry base through it. Thumb…