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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

El Loco

Another weekend in Sydney, so I could not pass the chance to swing by Surrey Hills and check out another one of Dan Hong's place. I've heard about El Loco and I normally like Mexican food, so I didn't need much more of a push.

When I got there, it was not as I expected. I knew the place was a drinking venue but I didn't expect a crowd to the door. There is no table service here, you pretty much just go in find yourself a seat and order (a bit like a canteen, but in a fun way). I had to admit when I walked in I was a overwhelmed but luckily one of the really cute chef noticed us and explained to my boyfriend how things worked. He even helped us look for a table

Anyway, on to the real reason for this blog, the food! Let's start with the tacos. All their tacos are $5 and they have 6 options, 1 being a secret taco that changes daily. So here it goes the tacos that I tried:

The pollo, a chicken taco with sweet corn salsa. This was my favourite taco out of all the ones I tried. The sweetness of the corn together with the tangy salsa, and crisp salad bed of cabbage was just something you would happily eat more than one of. Good combination of flavours

The tofu. This is as the name suggest, a taco filled with a marinated then fried tofu. For some reason this reminded me of spicy plume sauce tofu. It was nice but not something I will always order. But if you have any vegetarian friends, at least they won't miss out when you come here.

The pork. This was a bit funny, I don't quite know how to describe it. The pork was soft and juicy, but with the pineapple salsa it seemed to be overpowered by the salsa. I think because I had the other tacos beforehand, this felt disappointing. But if I had this at the start to lead up to the other tacos, I think I would've felt different. 

Secret taco. My secret taco was a pork belly taco. There is rarely a dish where pork belly fails, this time it was no different. Yummmmy

The beef. The beef was flavoured with lemongrass together with fresh salsa of lettuce and tomato.

Besides taco, I also tried the excelsior hot dog. It truly looks amazing. It was pork sausage in a soft bun, with loads of cheese and pickles inside and mayo on top. It looks better than it taste but that is not to say it doesn't taste good.

Finally, there was the nachos, fresh guacomole and spicy tangy salsa. So good I had it take away afterwards.

As a complement to the meal, I had the pink cuco, which was a pink grapefruit tequila slushy. This is a pretty girl drink, with a mild kick. Great for a good night out.

Overall, as crowded as it was, it was a good experience. It was really busy but the waitresses were still friendly and helpful. 17/20

Pricing $ dirt cheap. This is NOT fine dining, it is in a way bar food but it still kicks arse!

**more photos to follow**

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