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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two Birds One Stone

Recently visited this place for lunch. Located on Claremont St in South Yarra it's just off the main street, but still easy enough to find. It's a rather small and cosy place which makes it a good brunch places on weekends. Onto the food...

I love my mushrooms, so I couldn't go pass the roasted mushrooms with feta on toast. Served with watercress leaves, this was nice brunch option. It wasn't exceptional but then again... how exceptional can mushroom and feta on toast get? It was a nice dish but with so many brunch places out there... nothing really set it apart from the competition. I know they are owned by the same people that bought us Top Paddock and Three bags Full..... but the mushroom and feta.... just wasn't quite the same... I can't quite put my finger on it to say why it's different either....

Next I got the Black Angus Steak Sandwich, with bacon, beetroot chutney and chesse. I preferred this over the mushrooms, only being that that beetroot chutney worked really well with the Angus and bacon. You can get steak sandwiches at a lot of places but this was a more sophisticated spend on your regular pub variety.

My friend got the Reuben and mentioned that it was worth trying ;)

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to try the yoghurt panna cotta, when I go back that is definitely on my list to try.

Overall I would rate it a 14/20. It's a nice place to hangout on the weekend. Nice decor inside too!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top Paddock

So I have heard about this place for awhile and I FINALLY got around to going to it. Been craving bunch for awhile, so on a nice cool autumn weekend it was the day that I get off my ass and try it.

Located in the Richmond/Toorak vicinity there was no doubt this will be those new trending brunch spots with cool decor. And I wasn't disappointed, I know the food should be the focus, but sometimes being in a nice cosy environment just makes that experience a bit better. 

To start off I grabbed a latte and this sadly disappointed. I am no coffee expert but I do know enough when the coffee beans are burnt and the milk was too hot when they made the latte.... not a good start.

The menu had a good range to choose from but nothing crazy exciting. End up settling for the ricotta hot cakes and Top Paddock homemade sausage with green tomato. To me the ricotta hot cakes was the winning dish of the day. Served with blue berry, maple syrup, mascarpone and seeds it was good combinations of flavours and texture

Unfortunately the Top Paddock homemade sausage was not as good. That's not to say it's not good, but just once you compare it to the ricotta hot cakes, the hot cakes will always win. To me the bread was a tad soggy and the green tomatoes did nothing for me. I did like the eggs, bacon, sausage and relish but it wasn't anything made it exceptional.

Overall: 14/20. I would go with a bunch of friend as it is a good hang out for brunch. I think I need to try more before I can fully give it a fair score.

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