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Le Belle Miette

If you are a bit of a macaroon fan like me, then this name should be familiar with you. It's a little macaroon shop where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea with your macaroon.

Le Belle Miette, offers a nice range of flavours and they do them well as well. Unlike the more modern macaroons, their colours and range are more conservative.

My favourite here has always been the sake cherry blossom and the blueberry. The have a jam like filling in the blueberry macaroon which intensifies the flavour but keeping the integrity of the delicate elements on the rest of the macaroon.Their vanilla is also a clear example they use vanilla beans and not just vanilla essence. Oh and passion fruit is also another one with nice strong but elegant flavours.

They also make great gifts, I love their packaging. Cute boxes and nice pastel colours to match their macaroons. If you are a tea lover, they also serve Mariage tea.

Overall their macaroons are not overly sweet which is something I always looks for and …

Shandong Mama

I keep hearing about this place, I keep reading about this place and it keeps popping up in the newspaper.... So I caved in and tried it out.

Out and about on a Friday night, I was just after a quick and cheap dinner.... so dumplings felt like a good choice.

My partner and I got their famous boiled fish dumpling, which has a fish, chive, coriander filling. Unlike other dumplings, this is delicate in flavour. Don't go in expecting meaty and juicy because you will be disappointed. The way the fish filling is made, it's not mushy and had a element of 'bounce' when you bite in to it. However without any dipping sauce, this dumping can borderline and taste quite bland. It is suppose to be served with a dipping sauce made of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic and sesame oil. When you order it, they don't actually bring it out, you have to ask for it. I had mine with vinegar and soy sauce (occasionally a bit of chilli oil as well). Once dipped in sauce, it is quite nice, but still …

Meat Wine & Co - Southbank

I always find this place a dating hot spot. It's steak, nice atmosphere and right next to the Yarra. Perfect venue for a nice stroll after dinner. For me it was actually family dinner and not a hint of romance.

As the name suggest, I wouldn't recommend a vegetarian come here for dinner (or lunch). Due to the size of steak and I can never fit a 3 course when steak is the main, we skipped right to mains.

I got Monte Grain Fillet, medium rare. The meat was tender and beautiful, this is one of the reasons why I really like about Meat Wine & Co., I find it a real turn off, especially at a steakhouse when I ask for a steak to be medium or medium rare and it comes out pretty much well done or blue. I ordered blue cheese sauce to go with mine and the creaminess of the sauce was a great pairing with the steak. The fluffy and crunchy chips were also a great winner.

Mum and Dad both got the Monte Grain Rib eye, and both were quite impressed with their steak. Only challenge was the size …

George's Paragon

This is a place I visited a few months back but forgot to post about. Situated on the sunny South Bank of Brisbane, it was a perfect place with the perfect view on a sunny weekend.

We went for the half price lunch menu and started out with the three in one oysters. A dozen oysters in natural, Kilpatrick and Mornay. I loved the fact it came with an assortment as I love eating oysters and when I have to pick, I always pick natural even though I do enjoy the occasional Kilpatrick and Mornay. The Mornay had a good amount of cheese but not too much that it was overpowering.

Also got the seafood chowder to share. Quite creamy.

For mains we got the Kanoni which was Morton Bay bugs and BBQ prawns; and the Barouti which consisted of Morton Bay bugs, scallops, prawns and barramundi served with white sauce on rice with chips. Both of the bugs were cooked nicely, with the juices maintained and the meat still tender. The BBQ prawns were in my opinion a better option to the garlic prawns as the prawn …

Steer Lunch Special

This place is close to the office, so we've been here for lunch a few times. They have a $29 lunch special which includes a steak and a glass of wine or beer.

For the lunch special you get a choice of 3 cuts. I went for the blade option, but they somehow got it wrong and gave me scotch fillet instead. I didn't complain as I was running short of time for my lunch break. The steak I got was actually beautifully cooked, perfectly medium rare (you would be surprised by how many steakhouse stuff up cooking the meat). It was soft and not too chewy, the meat had great flavour. It came with a side of chips and salad. For a $29 steak cooked this well,
it was great value in my eyes.

My colleague who got the blade as I had originally ordered, agreed that it was a really good steak too and cooked perfectly.

Overall 4/5! Great value for lunch! Only downside is the service; over the few times I have been for a meal, I have noticed a varying degree in their service standards.

Ajisen Ramen - Hawthorn

Being in the area and having a Entertainment book voucher, this seemed like a good place to hit up for lunch. Before going in, I read a few reviews and I was a bit concerned as most of the reviews talked about their bad service and also not accepting the ET book vouchers. This got me worried, as I had only suggested this place to my friend because of the voucher.

When we walked in, we were greeted with a very friendly waitress and the entire place was very neat, clean and tidy. As we were using the voucher, the only thing not valid on the menu was the combo, which I think was fair enough.
I got the Buta Kararage Ramen which was deep fried pork strips with cabbage, egg, black fungus and I added corn to it as well. This would normally also have a bit of greenery, but I don't like spring onions so I always order it without this. The pork strips were surprisingly nice, it wasn't too oily and the inside was still juicy. The broth isn't as thick as places such as Little Ramen Bar …


This is one of those place I use to go for lunch all the time (burger special) when I worked in the city. Headed up by Shane Delia, it is considered one of the top restaurants in Melbourne. With a great middle eastern atmosphere to match the food, this place is great for a night out or date.

We got the 4 course shared menu and before i even go further, it was heaps of food and we were full to the brim.

First course was hummus with lamb, almond and cashew served with a flat bread; a selection of olives; cured salmon with asparagus; salad of greens with oyster cream and pork crackling. All this was to share and was only the start of the feast ahead. The hummus was beautiful and fluffy and that lamb just made it "more than just hummus". I loved the salad with those little bits of pork crackling which gave it that crunch factor and really elevated the dish. The salmon was a good tasty way to start the meal and complimented the rest of the dishes.

Second course was zucchini, haloumi…