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Bottega for lunch

So over the summer holidays a lot of thing happened so i got a little side track. Though have no fear I have a lot of reviews lined up as I've eaten at lots of different places in the last few months.

First one I will start off with is Bottega.
This is a small restarant located on Bourke St in Melbourne. I actually didn't know that much about this place prior to my visit. I merely saw it on my ET book and decided it was worth a try. Have to say I had little expectations so I did leave as a happy person!
Had the lunch special
First up on the menu:

Pancetta wrapped scallops, truffled mash, sauce vierge
The scallop was cooked just right. This is important for me as the taste of overcooked scallop is like chewing on rubber! The mash was a nice change as the texture of it was quite different to the scallop giving a very different appeal to usual scallop dishes. Lastly the sauce vierge gave it just that little kick. Wasn't a bad dish overall. Would go back and have this again!

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