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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kenzan and Greco

A fond memory from last year.....

Let's start with desert first this time...... I should be studying now......

Went to Cafe Greco in Crown and had the tiramisu and strawberry cheese

The tiramisu was not one of the best ones I've had but it is still a place I would go back to. This is a classic Italian version with thick aromas of the coffee liqueur.

I love cheesecake and I love stawberries... So I am always a sucker for strawberry cheesecake. Maybe I ate too much from dinner beforehand, so it felt really rich, But i still could not resist and had to finish the whole thing! (This is also probably the reason why my diets never work)!
Ok now to Kenzan! my camera battery was dying and I was far too captivated by the person who was dining with me, so I didn't capture all the dishes. Here are just the few I did manage to capture. The above is the tempura assortment. I must say it was done perfectly, not too soggy not too dry and it did not feel oily at all! Yum!
This was the smaller sushi assortment, We weren't initally going to order this but we saw everyone else had one on their table. I am also glad I gave it a shot! The fish were all very fresh and was a very good way to start a meal!
This was the grilled Kingfish with terriyaki sauce. It was a let down. Can't say anymore!

Overall: 4/5 for Greco and 3/5 for Kenzan. I had higher expectations for Kenzan and cake is always good! hahaha

Pricing: $$$ not too bad. Could be better could be worse
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