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Serotonin Eatery

Recently I dragged K, R and D to Serotonin in Richmond. It is a health conscious cafe so D needed some convincing and what better way to do it than with peer pressure. It's located in an area you won't normally go to unless you live locally as it is not near the main shopping areas of Richmond. However lucky to social media and fellow foodie friends, I found my way here.

It's offering is very healthy and focuses on well being which means you won't find greasy fried bacon and eggs here (I still love my bacon and eggs but its good to change things up). K and I were very excited..... the boys not so much.

Once we sat down we ordered our drinks, K got the golden latte, R got a normal latte, D went with the matcha latte and a cacao latte for me. The golden and cacao latte came with a smiley face which I found very cute. K's golden latte was turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and black pepper with almond milk. This is not one for the faint hearted. Personally I am not a fan of tho…

Scarvelli Cafe

Recently Miss P and I ventured out to Balwyn to pay Scarvelli Cafe a visit for brunch. We initially had a larger group with Mario and K as well but after a 4.30am wake up to line up for Lune, Mario and K dropped out and waved a white flag, leaving just Miss P and me.

Located on Whitehouse Rd in Balwyn it was a perfect location for the locals. It had a few tables on the side walk so it's doggy friendly or for those of us (like me) who like to avoid hayfever I opted for indoors.

When we sat down we were greeted with a lovely smile and ready to take our coffee order. Miss P went for the soy cap and I went for a soy latte. Their beans were roasted by Industry beans so I was keen to get my caffeine hit.

Since it was 2.30pm already, we were really hungry and got straight into ordering. I got the Good Life bowl with added salmon, I would have picked the minute steak but they were out of it. This was a healthy combination of silverbeet, baby spinach leaves, broccolini, poached egg chickpeas …

The Town Mouse

I wanted to come here for ages so I was stoked when D finally got us a table for date night. It is located off Lygon and had a great atmosphere. We were seated by the bar so we got to see some of the bartender action.

We wasted no time and got ordering straight away.Once the order was in, we were given some fresh bread with house-made black sesame butter. I went gaga over it. 

First thing we got was the fresh oysters, this came with a chardonnay/vinegar sorbet served with a wedge of lemon. This was not the usual way I have my oysters but I loved it, the acidity and sweet balance in the sorbet was a great way to get taste buds going. I wish we ordered more.

Goat cheese profiterole and duck liver parfait were the first tapas entrees we got. The goat cheese profiterole had honey and thyme with it so it gave a nice balance to the creaminess. The duck liver parfait came with pickled cucumber and a super thin potato crisp. It was intense and luxury on the lips. I wish I had bread to make this …