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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


No uni for 4 weeks! Woot woot! What do I have line up? Well besides working 11 days straight, I also have a dentist appointment =( and lunch date at Shoya!
Let's start with the good of an awesome time at Shoya! I didn't have very high expectation as I didn't want to be disappointed.

The layout of the restaurant was quite interesting, it consisted of a few different levels. The enterance level had quite cafe styled tables, next level was traditional low Japanese tables, lastly a teppanyaki floor. We were seated on the final floor in a nice cos corner, perfect for some good chit chat.

The was a range of lunch menus for us to choose, and me being naturally curious I choose one of the menus with the most food (hahahaha I walked out with such a full stomach)

To start we were given a pickled cucumber eel salad. This was a nice way to meal with a bit of sour to get the taste buds tingling.

Following the salad was a nice egg custard. With flavours of prawn, chicken and shitake mushrrom through out the custard it offered a variety of flavours om such a small little dish.

Sashimi was nicely arranged in a interesting presentation. A fanned out assortment of colourful fishes on top of an orange! The fish was thinly cut and fresh.

Next, Tempura. This was an assortment of prawns, eggplant, fish, zucchini and sweet potato. Only criticism of this dish was it was not serve hot enough and the tempura batter would have been a little better it it carried a slight more crunch to it. Not to the point it was like chips but just a bit more crisp. However don't get me wrong, this dish was still fairly well delivered.

Afterwards, was Terriyaki Chicken with Fried rice. Chicken was succulent and tender served together with a cheesy tofu/potato slice. The terriyaki sauce was a little too thick for my liking, however the flavours hit the right notes.

Then, we were given sushi to taste. This was slightly disappointing, the salmon as not as fresh as before however the kingfish was a delight.

Finally was the green tea ice cream. Shame this was pre-scooped and frozen as pre-scooped. The ice cream was just a little too frozen but beside that it was not too disappointing. However I have to admit at this point, I was too full to appreciate the ice cream fully.

Overall: this place was really pleasing. I would go back as it was nice authentic atomosphere. The food was fairly nice too. 3.5/5

Pricing: The lunch menu was really good value, however after looking at the normal a la catre menu, it can be pricy. So I highly reccomend going there for lunch before dinner if you are unsure about Jap food! $$$
Ahh such a long post, think I'll leave Bistro Thierry for next time!
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