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No uni for 4 weeks! Woot woot! What do I have line up? Well besides working 11 days straight, I also have a dentist appointment =( and lunch date at Shoya!
Let's start with the good of an awesome time at Shoya! I didn't have very high expectation as I didn't want to be disappointed.

The layout of the restaurant was quite interesting, it consisted of a few different levels. The enterance level had quite cafe styled tables, next level was traditional low Japanese tables, lastly a teppanyaki floor. We were seated on the final floor in a nice cos corner, perfect for some good chit chat.

The was a range of lunch menus for us to choose, and me being naturally curious I choose one of the menus with the most food (hahahaha I walked out with such a full stomach)

To start we were given a pickled cucumber eel salad. This was a nice way to meal with a bit of sour to get the taste buds tingling.

Following the salad was a nice egg custard. With flavours of prawn, chicken and shitake mushrrom…