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Melbourne Noodle Night Market Part 1 - Wonderbao & Izakaya Den

So for those of you who don't know, Citibank is currently running Good Food Month in Melbourne. Part of it includes a night food market, hosted at the Alexandra Gardens. In October they also had this in Sydney and proved to be a big success and judging from the crowds in Melbourne, think it's even bigger here.

They have a range of stalls including Messina, Chin Chin, Longrain, Izakaya and the list goes on. So for many foodies in Melbourne this is a pretty good mix of a lot of current popular and a few upcoming resturants. My review will be split into 2 parts as I visited over 2 different nights

On the opening night I went and amongst the crazy lines and queues I got my hands on Wonderbao. They did 3 combos with their traditional baos, the open baos and a combination of both open and traditional baos. 
I got 2 combos that included the Cumin Chicken open bao, Silky Tofu open bao, char Siu bao, custard bao, choi bao and chicken bao. I've been to Wonderbao before so I ki…

Hammer and Tong

Based on Brunswick street but entrance on a side street. It is exactly what you expect for an urban, breakfast/brunch joint. Off the main street, hipster vibe and nosy atmosphere.

There has been quite a bit of hype on their soft shell crab burger so being here.... I could not walk out without trying it. I love softshell crab and being very fond of burgers there was no reason for me to say no. It comes simply as a burger on a plate, no frills, no chips, nothing. The deep fried soft shell crab served on a brioche bun, with cabbage slaw, coriander and sweet mayo. I have to say the burger was good, but for $16 a serve with nothing on the side, I won't be coming back for this. The flavours worked very well together and unlike many other burger places, the brioche was not overly sweet, and just the right softness. The cabbage slaw, with the crunch sliced though the oily-ness factor of the crab beautifully.

Even though it has been coined as the best crab slider of Melbourne, $16 is too ste…

Adriano Zumbo Parisserie

If you have ever watched Masterchef, you would be familiar with the name Adriano Zumbo. He is famous for quirky desserts and making rather out of the ordinary flavoured macaroons and cakes.

At his recently opened patisserie in South Yarra, you won't expect anything different.

The macaroon flavours on offer changes on a regular basis. The flavours I got over the few times I visited included: pandan sticky rice pudding, apple pie, blueberry pancake, buttered popcorn, brownie, pineapple, salted butter caramel on toast, passion fruit. 

For me, I found this place decently priced for macaroons at $2.50 a pop. Most other bakeries are over $3.00 now and their flavours are ordinary. Of the flavours I did try, I loved the blueberry pancake and pandan rice pudding. I found them not too sweet and a good representation of the flavours they set out to portray. I will definitely be going back to try more of their different flavours.

With the cakes, I tried the flourless orange cake and it found it …

Little Creatures Dining Hall

End of the week on a Friday, so I needed a place to kick back, unwind and enjoy some good food and company. Located on Brunswick street, it is a large dining hall with plenty of seats. When you walk in, you can immediately feel that warehouse, rustic feel with busy kitchen sounds and hipster waiters.

If you are a beer drinker, you are in luck! Cheap pots and for those non-beer drinkers, the ginger beer is pretty damn good too.

We got a few things to share starting with the chips with aioli, the chilli mussels and lamb ribs. You can tell the chips are fresh cut with their inconsistent sizing, and yes they were fluffy potato goodness. 

The chilli mussels were delish! You should ask for extra bread to soak up the sauce afterwards. Lamb ribs were cooked so that the meat fell off the bone. Not a bad beer companion.

Next up we got the prawn and chrizo pizza. The prawn pizza was served with capsicum, pancetta and salsa verde. This was a good pizza that remind me why I prefer to go gourmet pizza …

Moroccan Soup Bar

This place has been around for awhile and a lot of locals are familiar with this place. There is no menus here, it works as $25 per head banquet. The food is all vegan so don't come here expecting meat. As the name of the place suggest, the theme here is Moroccan.

The banquet starts with a range of dips and small plates to nibble on. Hommus, Baba Ganush, Felafel. Lots of flavour all round and flat bread helped us down a lot of that dip.

Mains were lentils with yoghurt and rice; chickpea bake; haloumi eggplant and potato curry  with rice. 

The hero dish had to be the chickpea bake. The creaminess of the chickpea once it was with the yoghurt then the crunchy layer of corn chips. I can see this dish alone, getting a lot of repeat customers.

The eggplant was also a plate I kept going back to.

By the time we got to dessert, we were really full already. Dessert was a custard and a assortment of pastries and doughnut. Personally I found the dessert too sweet for my liking

If you are to try thi…

Chef's Gallery

A weekend in Sydney generally equates to a weekend of eating for me. =)

Ventured to Chef's Gallery for a yum cha lunch. We got the special which gave us quite a few selections and most importantly, they had the piggy bun!

To start off we got the chicken pumpkin soup with tofu and glass noodle. This was an interesting soup for me as I've never had Chinese styled pumpkin soup before. It was a lot lighter than your typical pumpkin soup, laced with chicken broth flavours. Together with the spinach tofu and glass noodles, I quite enjoyed it. There was also Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce that comes standard with the lunch special. Nothing much to say about it, except I can easily munch through a plate (but then again, I do love my Chinese broccoli).

As part of the special we got prawn dumplings, siu mai, calamari won ton, watercress chicken dumpling, fried radish cake, gluttonous rice dumpling. The prawn dumplings were quite juicy and  just enough bite.  The siu main and watercres…