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A weekend in Sydney generally equates to a weekend of eating for me. =)

Ventured to Chef's Gallery for a yum cha lunch. We got the special which gave us quite a few selections and most importantly, they had the piggy bun!

To start off we got the chicken pumpkin soup with tofu and glass noodle. This was an interesting soup for me as I've never had Chinese styled pumpkin soup before. It was a lot lighter than your typical pumpkin soup, laced with chicken broth flavours. Together with the spinach tofu and glass noodles, I quite enjoyed it. There was also Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce that comes standard with the lunch special. Nothing much to say about it, except I can easily munch through a plate (but then again, I do love my Chinese broccoli).

As part of the special we got prawn dumplings, siu mai, calamari won ton, watercress chicken dumpling, fried radish cake, gluttonous rice dumpling. The prawn dumplings were quite juicy and  just enough bite.  The siu main and watercress dumpling was a tad average.  The Calamari won tons were different from your typical fried won ton you get at yum cha, with the calamari inside, there was more bite and made the filling texture more "bouncy". 

Normally when I get radish cake, it's fried and not deep fried. I still prefer the usual fried radish cak,e but I will also happily eat through a plate of their deep fried radish cake when presented in front of me.

Just to be greedy, we also ordered the pork floss roti and the spinach tofu as well. Personally I really like the pork floss roti, but my friend and BF said it was a tad dry. The spinach tofu is suppose to be one of their signature dishes but I just found it disappointing. I prefer a silky tofu, so it didn't really do anything for me.

As desert there was the piggy bun and sweet tofu. The piggy bun had the best sesame filling! It was oozing and not too sweet! The sweet tofu was too sweet for my liking and the tofu wasn't silky enough. 

Overall I don't mind this place as a yum cha meeting point. It is better than most Asian restaurants

 in Australia and I like their style and flare. 14/20

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  1. Those piggy buns !!
    I'm heading over to Sydney late November, and very keen to get my hands on those buns ;P

  2. Jenny, they have a rabbit shaped dessert too. Make sure you try that!
    Let me know what you think about them after you tried it


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