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I have been wanting to come here for at least a whole month, before the day finally arrived. People have been telling me about it, the newpapers have been raving on about it. So it has been a long month to wait, before I found the time to head down to Collingwood.
I've heard about the waiting times before, so I thought going at 2.30 on a Sunday afternoon would mean no wait. Boy was I wrong, my boyfriend and I still waited for 45 min to an hour before we got our food.
The place is tiny, so I would definitely recommend you get take away considering the current freezing Melbourne weather. The place is run down but filled with people, so you really can't miss it when you go down Smith St.
The menu only consists of 5 burgers, 1 of them being a kids burger.
First one up was the original Huxtaburger. This has all the classic fillings: beef patty, mustard, mayo, pickles, lettuce, tomato, cheese and tomato sauce. What makes this the winning burger is the mayo and pickles. Unlike the usual …

Mrs Parma's

This is one of those places that the boys like to head to on a night out. Lots of beer to choose from and a whole menu of Parma's
I am not someone who will shy away from a good parma either, so I was more than happy to go again.
We had the Mushroom Parma with veal. This was really as simple as Napoli sauce with oregano and mushroom topped with cheese. The meat was very juicy and it was crumbed nicely. Not a stand out but no complains from me either.
Next was the Roast Pumpkin Parma with chicken. This consisted of feta, roast pumpkin and basil, with the same Napoli sauce and cheese as the Mushroom parma. Again nicely crumbed but because the pumpkin was roasted, towards the end of the meal it started to get soggy from the water content in the pumpkin. Nice homey flavours. (Not quite sure why it was in a funny fish shape......)
Finally, there was the blistered pepper with veal. This was literally one big pepper on top, with bocconcini and basil accompanied with cheese and Napoli sauce. F…

El Loco

Another weekend in Sydney, so I could not pass the chance to swing by Surrey Hills and check out another one of Dan Hong's place. I've heard about El Loco and I normally like Mexican food, so I didn't need much more of a push.
When I got there, it was not as I expected. I knew the place was a drinking venue but I didn't expect a crowd to the door. There is no table service here, you pretty much just go in find yourself a seat and order (a bit like a canteen, but in a fun way). I had to admit when I walked in I was a overwhelmed but luckily one of the really cute chef noticed us and explained to my boyfriend how things worked. He even helped us look for a table
Anyway, on to the real reason for this blog, the food! Let's start with the tacos. All their tacos are $5 and they have 6 options, 1 being a secret taco that changes daily. So here it goes the tacos that I tried:
The pollo, a chicken taco with sweet corn salsa. This was my favourite taco out of all the ones I tr…