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Burger Project

So I happened to be in Sydney as the same time as Black Bear and Miss Pikachu.. which means one thing.... the burger adventures continues!! To celebrate my recent win (People's Champ, thank you, thank you) I decided it was only suited to be celebrated with burgers. Sadly Mario was still back in Melbourne solving the puzzle to lead to his Christmas present designed by me (his awesome kickass GF), so he couldn't be part of the burger eating fun. However he did make me go again when he finally came to Sydney the following week

Burger Project is one of Neil Perry's latest ventures. It's Perry's take on the good old staple BURGERS. Located in World Square near Din Tai Fung, it was a good central location and makes it a good place for a quick bite or a catch up with friends. The menu had a good selection of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers, together with sides and desserts.

I was a sucker and went with the guy behind the counter recommendation because I had difficulty …

Hakata Gensuke

I was in Japan not long and just kept craving ramen when I was back in Melbourne. A few friends kept telling me that I had to try Hakata Gensuke saying it's very close to the ramen that I would find in Japan, but every time I walked passed there was a huge line at the door so I kept putting it off for awhile. Anyway, so I finally made my way there one Saturday night and waited in line. I went with the usual suspects, K, Bobo, Az, R, Mario and this time we had Zad and Lem join us. After 35 minutes in line, we finally got inside and squished onto a tiny tiny table.

Due to wait outside we had already decided on what we wanted so the wait for food was reasonably short.

To share I ordered some gyozas and chicken karage. The karaage came out first, 3 pieces of fried chicken with their 'secret' seasoning. The chicken meat was nice and juicy, it would make a perfect snack with beer.

The gyoza came as a plate of 10. It had a crispy base and well flavoured filling.

I got the black Tonko…

Spice Temple - Crown Casino

As part of a milestone celebration D's family took us all to Spice Temple. Most people would have heard about Neil Perry's Rockpool but it's sister restaurant, Spice Temple many don't know about and should try out. Spice Temple is Perry's take on Asian Sichuan food, headed up by Ben Pollard. Located in Crown Casino along with this other ventures in Melbourne, it is modern spicy Asian fusion with a fine dining touch in a dark mysterious ambient atmosphere.

As with most Chinese food, we ordered a range of dishes to share.

Stir fried prawns with salted duck eggs and four chillis. Beautiful creaminess laced with fragrant of the salted duck egg. This is one of the dishes highlighted in red so it's not for someone who can't take their spice. But if you can, it's a must try on the menu.

Fish fragrant eggplant was done with a modern twist. It was not served in a pot with mince meat but instead the pieces of eggplant were deep fried and infused with the fish sauce …

Vapiano - Melbourne

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to win the competition that Confessions of a Little Piggy was running on her site. It got me a dinner for 2 to try out Vapiano's Spring/Summer menu. K and D being my usual and favourite eating buddies, made it hard for me to choose, so I decided to take them both and just split the cost of the 3rd person amongst ourselves.

K has never been to Vapiano before, so the concept of lining up in front of a chef to watch him/her cook for you on the spot was new to her. Vapiano is one of my regular dining places when working in Brisbane as one of my Italian colleagues can never get sick of it and I must admit, I usually quite enjoy their food too while on work assignment.

I got the pasta special (Gamberi con rosso) which was similar to the normal menu Gamberi pasta they usually have. It came with prawns, sundried tomatoes, chilli in a sun dried tomato pesto base. The sauce was nice and light and served with freshly made pasta (which is actually made on pre…

Breakfast Thieves

After some post auction fun, D and decided to head to brunch with our usual brunch buddies K and R. So we decided to hit up Breakfast Thieves out in Brunswick. Located in the back streets of Brunswick, it's really one of those places where you read about it, hear about it or you live locally and you are in the know.

Feeling quite famished we got straight into ordering. I got the PB & J, it was an easy decision since I love peanut butter and jam as a combo and french toast is one of my favorite things to eat for brunch; match made in heaven. The French Brioche toast was served with chunks of peanut butter in a crumbled dough like form, raspberry jelly, lemon curd and candied bacon. It was an interesting, refreshing and new way to eat the classic PB and French toast. I loved the play on textures and found the presentation to be above the rest of the food we ordered in terms of brunch plate up. Definately worth trying!

K got the Breakfast chain. It came with soft boiled eggs, apple…

Jinda Thai

D has been talking about this place for almost a year now. His colleague O recommended it to him and has visited a few times without me. He knows I love Thai food but sadly each time he attempts to take me there, Jinda Thai is either booked out or I'm working interstate. Anyway... I finally made it and got to dine there. *fist pump* 

It's located in Abbotsford, off Victoria Street on the "Thai" end of the famous strip of pho noodle shops. It's tucked away and you would easily drive on Victoria St and not notice it. Inside the warehouse conversion style restaurant is a trendy, upbeat modern Thai restaurant. With Thai inspired decor, it really is a hidden gem (like many good Melbourne restaurants). As you can tell by the pictures the place was packed on a Sunday night.

There was no way D was going to a Thai restaurant and not ordering a Thai Milk Tea - it was creamy and sweet. It was the perfect drink to pair with the spiciness to come. I opted for the longan drink w…