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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Breakfast Thieves

After some post auction fun, D and decided to head to brunch with our usual brunch buddies K and R. So we decided to hit up Breakfast Thieves out in Brunswick. Located in the back streets of Brunswick, it's really one of those places where you read about it, hear about it or you live locally and you are in the know.

Feeling quite famished we got straight into ordering. I got the PB & J, it was an easy decision since I love peanut butter and jam as a combo and french toast is one of my favorite things to eat for brunch; match made in heaven. The French Brioche toast was served with chunks of peanut butter in a crumbled dough like form, raspberry jelly, lemon curd and candied bacon. It was an interesting, refreshing and new way to eat the classic PB and French toast. I loved the play on textures and found the presentation to be above the rest of the food we ordered in terms of brunch plate up. Definately worth trying!

K got the Breakfast chain. It came with soft boiled eggs, apple crumble, berry yoghurt and cheesy soldiers. This is the perfect choice for someone who can't decide on having sweet or savoury. The cheesy toast is a great warmer to keep you full with that stringy, cheesy goodness. Then you have your solid breakfast favourites like eggs and yoghurt with just enough berry and muesli ratio. Finally the apple crumble is like the naughty way to finish off a good breaky.

R got the baked eggs which came with garlic toast on the side. Tomato based with generous amounts of chorizo, fetta and peas all cooked together. It is a heavier option compared to the others, but it's hearty and perfect for a cool morning.

D got the Ms Omega which was a cured trout with poached eggs and hollandiase sauce on toasted sour bread. It's nothing fancy but if no frill is what you want, then this hits the mark. The egg was perfectly poached and the trout was a nice alternative to the usual ham or smoked salmon that goes with eggs benedict. However for $16, I wish there was a little more on the plate.

Overall 14/20 I really enjoyed their creativity and I found most things nicely executed. I just wished they had more juice options, especially on warmer days when you don't feel like a coffee.

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