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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Burger Project

So I happened to be in Sydney as the same time as Black Bear and Miss Pikachu.. which means one thing.... the burger adventures continues!! To celebrate my recent win (People's Champ, thank you, thank you) I decided it was only suited to be celebrated with burgers. Sadly Mario was still back in Melbourne solving the puzzle to lead to his Christmas present designed by me (his awesome kickass GF), so he couldn't be part of the burger eating fun. However he did make me go again when he finally came to Sydney the following week

Burger Project is one of Neil Perry's latest ventures. It's Perry's take on the good old staple BURGERS. Located in World Square near Din Tai Fung, it was a good central location and makes it a good place for a quick bite or a catch up with friends. The menu had a good selection of beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers, together with sides and desserts.

I was a sucker and went with the guy behind the counter recommendation because I had difficulty choosing, so I got the cheese burger which had a grass fed beef patty, cheese, secret sauce, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and pickles. The beef patty was cooked perfectly, cooked on the outside and a slight pink on the inside. The pickles were homemade and it had a generous amount of filling. It's the type of burger you eat and sauce just gets everywhere. It was served in a sweet Breadtop brioche bun, it was a good quality cheese burger.

Black bear got the American cheese burger (Mario also got this one when I came back with in on the second visit). This came with a beef patty, rose mayo, secret sauce, pickles and onions. It was basically the cheese burger less the tomato and lettuce but with the rose mayo as well. For some reason, getting rid of the lettuce and tomato worked really well in my eyes. This was my favourite burger of the 3 we tried. It highlighted the secret sauce and the juicy texture of the beef patty. It hit the spot for me. Totally curbed my burger craving with satisfaction.

Miss P got the Magic mushroom, which was same filling as the cheese burger except the patty was replaced by a giant grilled confit mushroom. This was one super juicy burger and the mushroom combo actually worked a lot better than I expected, so it means you can also bring all your vegetarian friends here and get a burger together without worrying they will miss out. Though I think Miss P had a bit of burger envy...

When there is burger, there has to be chips. I got the chipotle chilli chips and it did not disappoint.

Where there is a thickshake option, one must not say no. Chocolate shake was rich and decadent. It was a real indulgence and very heavy.

Alternatively the smart choice would have been the house made passion pop soda, which was tangy and the fizz really help with all the heaviness in the other parts of the meal.

By the time, it reached dessert, we did not have any room left, so the only way to taste dessert was to share, I choice the lamington ice cream which came with Valrhona chocolate ice cream (same as the thick shake), tasty course roasted coconut shavings and raspberry compote. I love having the raspberry in this dessert. The sourness cut through the richness in the chocolate ice cream and the coconut added to the texture.

Overall 16/20 I was very happy with the burgers I tasted. I will definitely come back to try more of the menu.

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