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Hakata Gensuke - Hawthorn

If you read my blog often, you will know that I really like eating ramen. It's one of those comfort food that is quick, easy and relatively affordable. I have found myself going to Hakata more and more often in the recent months. Unlike it's sister store in the city, the wait time here is a lot more reasonable and with parking being less of an issue, it is just an easy place for me to hang out with the girls or Miss P.

My favorite ramen to get here is the Black Tonkotsu, besides Japan, I have barely come across this so it's my usual when I come here. I love the rich soup and how it's enriched with a garlic and black sesame favour to make the body of the soup even more flavorsome. With the noodles, there is an option of hardness which to me is something I consider only 'serious raman' places would offer. When I pick normal here, it is the perfect balance of softness without being too chewy. The char siu is not too thick, and together with the soup it has the int…