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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Italian...

After a nightmare in organizing a dinner for 18 and a bit of disaster when booking I was sooo happy when we got the Italian booked! I've been wanting to try this restaurant for awhile and what better way to try it than with friends! Due to the number of people we had, we had to have a set menu and we finally decided on the 2 course.

There was a selection of entrees which included the following!

Caprese salad,tomato, basil and mozzarella. I had to say this simple dish did impress me. The flavors went really well together. The balsamic vinegar just gave it that extra bit of tang and the mozzarella was fine with a nice creamy finish. I am normally one that likes thing this simple but this gets my thumbs up

Beef fil let with greens, olives and parmesan. This little number was also fantastic, the beef was so thinly slice it almost melts in your mouth. The parmesan gave it a good kick as it was a nice flavoursome parmesan. Not a fan of the olives but from those who did like olives said it provided a nice balance to the dish. There was also a bit of coriander in it finely chopped which was a nice surprise. Nothing over powering but just enough to give a slight scent at the end of each mouthful.

Now for mains!

I had the beef fillet with potato gallette in black pepper sauce. This was so tender and juicy to eat, the meat was cooked to perfection. The black pepper sauce had strong aromas, but a little too rich for my liking. It was not bad but if it was just that tad less rich it would have been perfect. The potato as also a nice fine effort however it was not properly mashed through as I did have bits which were slightly chunky.
Mushroom risotto. It was not presented in the best form. The rice was nice and soft though, but overall this dish lack a little in flavour. At times it was bland and just a bit to plain for the expectation of this restaurant.
Pan-fried tuna on a bed of baby spinish. The fish was cooked just right, however the fish lacked in flavour slightly, if there had been slightly more seasoning it may have helped in the taste. The baby spinish was well done. Overall still quite pleasent.

There are actually a few more entrees and a main to come, waiting for my guest blogger to get back to me. Will post once I receive the entries.

Overall: 3/5 I was quite impressed by the mozzarella and the beef salad. The beef fillet with black pepper sauce also got me wanting to go back and have it again. Though I gave consideration that this was a set menu and we did not get to try everything that was to offer. Based on this score though, one would need to appreciate fine dining to appreciate these choices

Pricing: $$$$ it goes without saying that it was not exactly a cheap eat. For the 2 course you are looking at $66 which includes tea and coffee at the end.

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