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Super Normal Canteen

I have wanted to try this for ages and now that it moved it Flinders Lane, it became the perfect excuse to celebrate a friend's birthday. Andrew McConnell closed down Golden Fields to focus on Super Normal and the outcome was amazing. With a a warehouse like setting, you walk in to this buzzing vibe and innovative food space.

While we were waiting for our table we tried a couple of the cocktails and they did not disappoint. I'm no cocktail expert so I won't go into too much detail but the umeshu spritz and pop up cocktail with nashi syrup but the perfect start to an evening of great food.
We were struggling to decide so we went with the chef choice menu which was $65 per head and it ended up being an abundance of food for us.
To start, there was the sesame cucumber, rice cakes and roasted pumpkin seeds. The sesame cucumber really took me by surprised, it looked so ordinary but who knew slightly pickled cucumber with sesame can taste so good. 

The rice cakes were lightly fried …