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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laksa King

I have a Malaysian mum who does lots of Malaysian dishes at home. So it is rare that I find a Malaysian restaurant that I absolutely love. Anybody who has friends with Malaysian mums or have a Malaysian mum will know that most of them are good cooks and can do a wide range of Malaysian hawkers cuisine at home.

This going to be a short post because I pretty much eat the same thing everytime I visit.

To start with I always get the roti rolls. Satay chicken with cucumber, red onions wrapped in a warm roti roll. Always gives me that very satisfied feeling.

As a main, there is no way you can visit Laksa King and not have a Laksa. They do have a whole range of different laksa's but I always like to get the combination laksa with extra eggplants yummmmmm

The reason I like the laksa here so much is the soup is very coconut creamy, unlike the typical food court styled laksa that are just watery and a bit of spice through it. This has a full body soup with fragrant curry base through it. Thumbs up!

After the roti rolls and laksa, I am normally stuffed to the brim but I will always make room for chendol. Not that Laksa King does an exceptional job on it, it's just hard to find in Melbourne and happens to be one of my favourite Asian desserts.
Overall 7/10 If you are in the area, you should really try this place!

Pricing is $. Very cheap and fast with quality to match

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