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Thursday, April 30, 2009

WOO my first ever food review!
Let me explain how this works. I am good at nothing but eating and with the developement of the digital camera I have started to take photo of the food I eat if I like it. Then one day somebody asked me what I was going to do with this photo...... Good question I really didn't know what I was going to do. So to put it to good use I am going to share with you what I have been eating and what I think of it!

Let's get started!

Shiranui - Glen Waverley

Sashimi Lunch Special & Nigiri Lunch Special

The appetizer for both the lunch specials were the same, it was a cold noodle with an miso egg brulee like thing (excuse for my lack of names, I didn't quite catch the japanese names they were telling me, will try harder next time). There was also another starter, the black jelly like thing. I had no idea what I ate, wasn't bad tasting wasn't great..... If somebody knows what it was, can they please let me know.

The cold noodle was something different, I can't say it was a favourite but it was nice to have something different as an appetizer other than the usual seaweed salad most japanese places give. It has a nice creamy taste which was a nice way to start the meal.

The Miso Egg thing was new to me. I am normally not an egg person but I really enjoyed this as a bit of a twist to the classic miso soup. The texture of the egg was very silky and on the bottom was a piece of grilled eel for the twist in the miso flavour.

The Nigiri was was nice salad dish with an assortment of fish. We were fortunate enough to be seated on the bar and watch then silce and dice the giant fish. The fish was set on top of lemon slices which put a nice infused zesty flavour to the fish and accompanied with the salad and dressing. Wasn't sure what the dressing was, but it did go nicely with the fish and leaves.

The sashimi platter was a nice assortment which can be seen from the photos. I had to say I was a little disappointed in the fish, as I had a slightly higher expectation after my obervations from the sushi bar. However it was not a complete disappointment. For those who like their fish a slightly thicker cut this is probably their cup of tea. My main critism was the cut and the fish was not as fresh as I liked it. Overall not a bad effort

I managed to take a shot of the flame grilling process!

Overall verdict
The thing I enjoyed the most of this visit was the lay out of the resturant. It is a good variation from the ones you normally see around Melbourne these days.

The food was nice but I have had better. I would go back, the flame grilled is their specialty but I didn't manage to try it. Opps. 3.5/5

Pricing the lunch specials average for about $18. It is definitely not a cheap eat but something I won't mind go back with friends. $$$

Signing out ... ness....

PS. Know my reviewing isn't perfect yet, but happy to hear your thoughts!
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