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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Meat Wine & Co - Southbank

I always find this place a dating hot spot. It's steak, nice atmosphere and right next to the Yarra. Perfect venue for a nice stroll after dinner. For me it was actually family dinner and not a hint of romance.

As the name suggest, I wouldn't recommend a vegetarian come here for dinner (or lunch). Due to the size of steak and I can never fit a 3 course when steak is the main, we skipped right to mains.

I got Monte Grain Fillet, medium rare. The meat was tender and beautiful, this is one of the reasons why I really like about Meat Wine & Co., I find it a real turn off, especially at a steakhouse when I ask for a steak to be medium or medium rare and it comes out pretty much well done or blue. I ordered blue cheese sauce to go with mine and the creaminess of the sauce was a great pairing with the steak. The fluffy and crunchy chips were also a great winner.

Mum and Dad both got the Monte Grain Rib eye, and both were quite impressed with their steak. Only challenge was the size (350g)!

My sister got the bbq ribs, she got a half rack but it was still a massive serving. The pork ribs were slow cooked and when you bite into it, the meat just fell off the bone. The marinate was a very intense flavour, personally I found a tad too sweet but my sister and dad didn't seem to mind it at all.

For sides, we got green beans with hazelnut and onions. The beans weren't baby fresh and were a tad old, however I did like the caramalised onions and hazelnut. The hazelnut gave it that nice crunch. Another side we got was the potato, this was herb crusted and had a nice crispy skin. 

As part of the Citibank reward program, we also got a free bottle Feet First Merlot. I am no expert in wine, but it was enough to keep me very happy through the whole meal.

We never got to dessert, as mum and dad both struggle to finish their mains alone.

Overall 16.5/20. Great steakhouse most of their steak have a decent marble score, but it's not top tier fine dining. As good as their steak is, I still think it's not refined as places such as Rockpool. I would definitely recommend you come here and I would come back myself. Service wise, I think it requires refining. One of the waiters spilled a drink on my mum, lucky it was water but her dress was drenched. We got an apology, but in other restaurants you would normally be offered a complimentary drink or at least a follow up call. I am not saying that I am hoping to get something free out of it, but it's more the gesture.

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