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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Le Belle Miette

If you are a bit of a macaroon fan like me, then this name should be familiar with you. It's a little macaroon shop where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea with your macaroon.

Le Belle Miette, offers a nice range of flavours and they do them well as well. Unlike the more modern macaroons, their colours and range are more conservative.

My favourite here has always been the sake cherry blossom and the blueberry. The have a jam like filling in the blueberry macaroon which intensifies the flavour but keeping the integrity of the delicate elements on the rest of the macaroon.Their vanilla is also a clear example they use vanilla beans and not just vanilla essence. Oh and passion fruit is also another one with nice strong but elegant flavours.

They also make great gifts, I love their packaging. Cute boxes and nice pastel colours to match their macaroons. If you are a tea lover, they also serve Mariage tea.

Overall their macaroons are not overly sweet which is something I always looks for and the shell is just crispy enough that it melts in your mouth and not to the point it's crunchy. If you like macaroons, you really need to try these. I tried to look for a fault in them, but I really couldn't find one, think the only thing that would have been nice to see if there were more innovative flavours, but I think their selling point is not quirky flavours.

 If I had to score it, it would be a 4.5/5 in my books!

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