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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

George's Paragon

This is a place I visited a few months back but forgot to post about. Situated on the sunny South Bank of Brisbane, it was a perfect place with the perfect view on a sunny weekend.

We went for the half price lunch menu and started out with the three in one oysters. A dozen oysters in natural, Kilpatrick and Mornay. I loved the fact it came with an assortment as I love eating oysters and when I have to pick, I always pick natural even though I do enjoy the occasional Kilpatrick and Mornay. The Mornay had a good amount of cheese but not too much that it was overpowering.

Also got the seafood chowder to share. Quite creamy.

For mains we got the Kanoni which was Morton Bay bugs and BBQ prawns; and the Barouti which consisted of Morton Bay bugs, scallops, prawns and barramundi served with white sauce on rice with chips. Both of the bugs were cooked nicely, with the juices maintained and the meat still tender. The BBQ prawns were in my opinion a better option to the garlic prawns as the prawn taste was not overpowered.

Overall 4/5. For a half price menu and getting all that for less than $100, I couldn't complain.

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