Le Petit Gateau

I know there is a lot of new cake and dessert stores popping up everywhere. However Le Petit Gateau remains one of my favorite cake stores in Melbourne. I have known about this place for awhile now and it only recently occurred to me, I rave on about how great Lux Bite is, in my blog but I never mention anything about a place I regularly visit.

I've compiled this post from a number of visits, hoping to capture as many of their cakes as possible.

This place has a rather popular Brownie and passionfruit chocolate gateau. Made up of a nutty brownie base, passionfruit cream, chocolate moouse, chocolate glaze and a passionfruit jelly on top. The flavours come incredibly well together. It is a rich cake, but the array of flavours in chocolately and has that hint of sourness from the passionfruit mmmmmmm heaven on the tastebuds!

Another one I really like is the cosmopolitan. This is made up of a carrot cake base, cheesecake centre and a raspberry jelly on top. A combination of rather simple cakes but a fabulous texture combination. From soft and spicy to silky cheesecake and finally the hint of berry sweetness. Yummy!

They also have the classic Black Forest. This isn't a stand out cake for me. I like it because I like Black Forest but it is spectacular. Light fluffy chocolate cake with good cherry flavours but just a little lacking.

Overall this is a place with beautiful cakes and worth a visit. Also, if you have the entertainment book there is a buy one get one free voucher inside so makes it even more tempting. 16/20

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