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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shanghai Street Dumpling

I always walk pass this place and there is always a line outside. At the start I dismissed it as just another cheap, nasty dumpling place. However my partner kept going on about how he wanted to try it, so I eventually agreed to go with him.

Upon arriving I was quite surprised that it was a lot cleaner than the usual cheap dumpling places and was a lot more pleasent to be able to talk over a meal rather than shout.

There was no way I could visit a dumpling place without trying the xiao long bao. The xiao long bao exceeded my low expectations, it was not as oily as I imagined it to be. The fried xiao long bao had a really thick skin but the filling was juicy and not too fatty.

What deserves a mention is their wonton in chilli oil and peanut sauce. These come in a plate of 15 and they are super tasty with a bit of a kick from the chilli oil. If you like something spicy there is always extra chilli oil on the table. The nuttiness from the peanut sauce almost gives it slightly creamy dimension for a split second when it enters your mouth. Worth a try.

Also, tried the noodle with pork sauce (Ja Jiang Mien), this is different from the usual Ja Jiang Mien I've eaten before, as it comes with brocolli instead of cucumber. Not an outstanding dish but not a bad dish either.

Then, there is the beef noodle soup. I would not get this if you have an Asian palete or an Asian mother. Feels like it's aimed to be a white man's dish (no offence to anyone). The beef is overcooked and the noodles are bland not the usual flavours you would expect to get at a place like this. Feels more like those fake Asian noodles you get at the corner shop.

Fried rice cakes with pork and spiniah wasn't any better. It was overy salty and the pork was over cooked. I have been told by the friend I was with, that this dish is normally a lot better. I guess it shows the inconsistency. I guess if it was less salty, it would be a rather pleasent dish.

Finally, there was the oyster sauce with broccoli. I know it's a simple, standard dish, but I love having it to balance out all the meat and carbs. Felt like a rabbit nibbling on all the greens.

Overall I do like this place. This post was based on 3 visits and each time I had to wait at least 20 minutes. But this is a cheap dumpling joint, so don't expect exceptional service. 13.5/20

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