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Monday, June 22, 2015

Chez Dre

This is one of those places I love going to but don't go as much as I like to. Most people think of sweets when they hear Chez Dre but they offer more than that. They have a great selection for brunch with heaps of savory options too.

When D and I went for brunch, we picked out 2 savory options as we knew, we were going to take some cakes home after.

D got the duck sandwich. This was pulled duck with red cabbage, onion jam, apple and truffle mayo on a panini. Won't lie, it was really the truffle mayo that attracted us to this dish. D and I both love our truffles so when truffle is an option on the menu, we would gravitate towards that option. This proved to be a good choice too, the duck was beautifully confit and the crunch of the cabbage with the sweetness of the apple, made it a very filling meal but not to the point you feel disgusting. It was one of those great sandwiches, that you want more of.

I got the baked eggs. I always have great difficulty deciding what to get for brunch, I love my savory and my sweet. This time, savory won, because I knew I had to take a cake (or 2) home. The baked eggs came with eggplant, chorizo, onion and zucchini served with toasted baguette. This was one of those hearty winter morning meals. The warm eggs came with a kick from the chorizo, the egg was just runny enough and there was plenty happening with intense flavours off all the ingredients.

I've been here quite a few times but still struggle when it comes to cakes. They have a great selection but the problem is.... they all look so enticing. After much pondering I finally decided on the lychee dome and strawberry, vanilla fraisier.

The lychee dome had lychee mousse, lime curd, raspberry jelly and finished with coconut. This was a light and fluffy dessert, great for people who don't want something heavy.

The strawberry and vanilla fraisier was more on the cake side. It had multiple layers consisting of orange, vanilla, basil olive oil biscuit and strawberry jam. I love the different components and the texture that came with each mouthful.

Overall 17.5/20 this is one of my favourite brunch places in Melbourne, I love the diversity they offer from sweet, savory to coffee. Definitely a brunch institution in Melbourne.

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