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Friday, June 12, 2015

Aqua S

After months of seeing this pop up on my Instagram, I finally got myself there to see what all the fuss is about. Prior visiting I had heard a range of opinions from "it's amazing" to "just a gimmick". I was keen to see myself and I was in the area so WTH, I gave it a go.

I got there at 12 and saw 3 girls playing around behind the counter. Besides the girls I also saw a fairy floss maker, popcorn maker and a huge tray of toasted marshmallows. The flavors of the moment were their famous sea salt, chocolate and pomegranate. I was really disappointed as I wanted to try their melon flavour but sadly that was weeks before I made my visit.

They offered a range of topping such as popcorn, fairy floss, popping candy and toasted marshmallow I settled for sea salt and pomegranate with fairy floss and popcorn. I didn't really know what to expect with sea salt soft-serve, it reminded me of dipping my fries in a soft serve at Macca's. It wasn't bad at all. The pomegranate was tangy and sweet. However to me the highlight was the fairy floss and how pretty it was.

I'm not sure it's a place I'll frequent but the fairy floss was fun and it's one of those dessert that make very pretty photos.

Overall 15/20 I would happy to  go back to try it again if a flavour of my interest pops up.

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