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Friday, April 17, 2015

Momofuku Ma Peache & Milk Bar

So what does one do, when she is tired, hungry, and alone in New York for 2 nights? She will brave the snow and find her way to Momofuku Milk Bar but then be convinced to stay and eat at Ma Peache! So yes, that basically sums up how I ended up here alone.

I was in NY just for the weekend and dying to get my hands on the Milk Bar cookies so I hit up the Momofuku Milkbar 56th Street. When I got there I was delighted to be greeted by all these cookie choices. It's not often that I come to NY, so I decided to buy one of every cookie to try and enjoy over the next few days.

As I approach to pay, it only just hit me, behind milkbar was Ma Peache. It was 9.30pm on a Friday night and I had no booking so I didn't expect to get a seat but I thought I would try my luck. Fortunately, it worked in my favour that I open my mouth to ask because there was a seat available at the bar. I had worked on average of 12 hours plus for the whole week so I thought "what the hell, YOLO!" and that's how I ended up devouring the following.

To start, I got the chopped salad, this was a twist on the American classic with crab, smoked egg and bleu cheese. It might have been called a starter but it was massive.

Next was the cod fritters which was made using bacalao, chilli and marjoram. This was a little ball of flavour that would explode in your mouth. It was more on the salty side but the more bites you take, the more you get use to it and want more.

The waitress warned me that I didn't need anything else but I insisted on getting the lobster rice as well. This was served in a bamboo holder wrapped in a banana leaf. I was glad I didn't listen to her because this was my favourite dish of the night. I love the intense flavour in the rice. The butter and sesame throughout the rice was heaven. I was so full I couldn't finish it, but I couldn't let it go to waste. I ended up taking away what I couldn't finish and it was still delicious 4 hours later when it was cold and I was back in my hotel room.

For dessert, there was no way I could pass up an opportunity to have the cereal milk soft serve. It was a milky, creamy texture with intense flavours of cornflakes throughout the body of the soft serve and traces of grainy cereal. I loved the crunchy cereal bits on the side and the bottom of the cup. If only I lived closer to this place or they offered it in Australia. I would definitely be a loyal fan.

Overall 17/20 that lobster rice made my trip and together with that soft serve, I can fully appreciate why people rave on about Momofuku in New York. My previous trip to Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney was slightly disappointing but this meal made up for it.

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