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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Tavola - Bondi

When in Sydney with J, one thing is always a must and that is eating somewhere nice. Since we were around the Bondi area during the day, A Tavola was only a short car ride away. It is a beautiful cosy restaurant located on Hall Street in Bondi.

Once we sat down our waiter was attentive and went through the menu with me, dish by dish and then went on to understand what drinks I like before he made a recommendation. Then was quick to serve us their house made focaccia while we waited.

J and I were both hungry so we decided on entrees, main and side to share.

The first entree was culatello with melons and rocket. I loved the saltiness in the cured meat balanced with the sweetness of the melons and the slight bitterness in the rocket

Second entree was squid ink scallops. This was served with cucumber, apple and witlof. It was light starter and a creative play on different textures and flavours

As my main I was feeling quite famished when I was ordering so I choose a heavier pasta. I got the pappadelle ragu. This was done with waygu beef shin, red wine, tomato and horseraddish. The sauce was hearty and the fresh pasta gave the perfect amount of bite.

J got the seafood pasta. it came with a generous amounts of mussel, pipis, fish, prawns and calamari. It was served on a tomato base sauce. The produce was fresh and each mouthful, reminded you of the beach.

To balance out, we got a side salad of red cabbage . It came with raisins, walnuts and dressed in balsamic. It was a very generous serve so I would recommend people to share. It was a fresh crisp salad. Perfect to go with all the carbs.

We didn't get dessert, because we had initially planned to get some gelato from Messina next door, but we finished dinner too late and never got there.

Over 17/20 I really enjoyed the food here. It does a beautiful refined Italian experience. All dishes I tried had great harmonized flavour and it's a place I would visit again, next time I'm in Bondi.

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