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Monday, March 17, 2014

Tuck Shop Take Away

OK I think I have found my new burger favourite burger place! Fitted like a school tuckshop (or some may like to call it, a canteen),chalkboard menu; Tuckshop Take Away is a small corner shop located in Caulfield. But don't be fooled, this isn't just some burger place headed up by Joe Blogs. The owners are not newbies to the world of food. From my research, I found out that between the husband and wife team, they have worked at Attica, Vue De Monde and Fat Duck. So to say they have a pretty damn impressive CV is an understatement.

Enough background, onto the most important thing.... the food and milkshake.

The burgers come in 2 options, beef or vego. So beef it was, and in a meal option for me! The meal comes with a burger, triple cooked chips, tart and a drink. Sounds average? Don't be fooled, let's start with the chips; crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and with just the right amount of salt (definitely a big WIN in my eyes). I actually can't decide if the best part of the meal was the chips or the milkshake... 

The burger, just bought back memories of wanting that burger so badly while waiting in line, at the school canteen but only it was way better than the stuff you get at school! Great patty and when you add an egg it, makes it even better. The patty ticks off the all boxes (ie, texture, juiciness, flavour, awesomeness etc...)

For the tart I picked jaffa. The pastry was crumbly and soft and the chocolate was still soft and runny. Couldn't really fault it, just wish it was bigger or I had another one.

Also had to try a jaffle, went with the pulled pork with smoked cheddar bechamel. I haven't had a jaffle since highschool and it was oh so good! It sounds quite simple and plain on the menu but when I started eating, I started to prefer it over the burger. Soft pork pieces were to die for.

Finally the drinks, we got the redskin milkshake and the raspberry cola. The raspberry cola was made on the spot with a soda stream and their own mix. Not too sweet and old school flavours. The redskin milkshake.... where do I begin? It was AMAZING!!! You don't normally hear me gush like this but it was red skin but creamy but not to a point that it was too thick and sickening.

Overall, 18/20. Everything that I had I liked/loved. I just wish they had a bigger store, shorter lines and even more things on the menu. The price was fair (actually I would go as far as saying, damn good, for the quality that you get). I can't wait to go back and try more milkshakes, I have my eye on the nutella milkshake and hopefully get my hands on a sundae too next time!

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