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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gypsy and Pig

It was D's birthday, and what better way of celebrating it than with lots of pork belly! I read about this place a few times in the paper, and my friend K highly recommended it. It is a tiny little shop decorated with lots of pigs. With a centre bench where you can sit and watch the chef cook and 2 tables of 4. This place defines the word cosy!

To start we one of the specials, the Kurobuta handroll. This was fried pork cutlet sushi with cucumber. Nice way to start a Japanese meal, generous amounts of sesame on the outside for that added texture. 

Also, we got the fresh waygu tataki with garlic soy vinegar. We weren't really expecting too much, (I might be a bit of a snob, as I'm use to the Nobu's beef tataki with ponzu) but the taste really grows on you. The waygu was cut paper thin and the sauce went really well with it. At first the sauce felt too strong and overpowered the waygu flavour, but with each piece I liked the sauce more.

For mains we got the crispy kurobuta belly with vegetable and spicy soy vinegar in a set and the hot pot special of hot stone cooked pork belly with eggplant and kimuchi (Japanese kimchi). The crispy pork is as the name suggest very crispy and the sauce compliments it well. Along with some cabbage and beanshoot, it would make a good meal for a lot of people. The hot stone pork belly with eggplant, in my eyes, was just pork belly bi bim bap. The sauce was nice and had a nice tangy and tiny bit of spiciness to it. However I think I prefer the crispy pork over this one. The raw egg on top when poked, poured over the rice to give the rice the texture of freshly fried egg coated rice. I really like that part.

When you get the mains in a set, it comes with miso soup, potato salad, spinach and some slaw.

No dessert review as I was too full to fit in dessert.

Overall I rate them a 15.5/20. Everything was nice and pleasant, good range of pork belly. If more textures and bigger taste were introduced, it would be even better. D was definitely one happy piggy by the end of the meal!

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