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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mrs Kim's Grill

Based on Ktown (Koonang Rd) in Carnegie, Mrs Kim's BBQ is as the name suggest, it's a Korean BBQ restaurant. With a bright yellow sign and big open spaces, this one where you walk out slightly less stinky/smoky.

We got a few sets to share. The Moo set came with galbi beef ribs and skirt steak. The ribs had a beautiful marinate and when it was cooked it fell off the bone. This was my favorite set of the night.
The Oink set came with a choice of chilli/soy pork belly and pork neck fillet. The soy pork belly had a sweet marinate and wasn't too fatty.

The Cluck Cluck set came with chilli/soy marinated chicken. Given it's chicken, it's quite easily overcooked. Chilli marinate wasn't too spicy. Chicken just wasn't very exciting so the one set was more than enough.

We also got salads with the sets and ordered a few extra beef ribs and ox tongue. They have 3 salads to choose from: tomato and avocado salsa; smoked salmon and onion; Ssam greens. Nothing exciting there but it's good to see a salad option at a BBQ place.

All the sets come with soup of the day (ours was miso beef), corn and potato. Corn is always a winner in BBQ but with the potato make sure you take it out of the container and leave it on the BBQ for some time. Each set also comes with 2 servings of rice.

Overall 13.5/20. I really liked the beef ribs and ox tongue. I will definitely come back, it was great service and atmosphere. I like the open plan where there is more ventilation. There was 6 of us and it cost us just under $200 all up. We all got drinks and left feeling full.

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