Situated in busy suburban street, this is favourite among est the locals and not the easiest place to get a booking on a Friday night. As a family operated business, it doesn't get much cosier. You walk in and straight away you can smell an Italian kitchen.

On a cold winter night we started with the Arinchini balls. Balls had a crunchy exterior while the risotto was still moist and packed with flavour. Along with a tangy tomato paste, it was a great way to start the meal. 

Next (although the picture looks the same)we got goat cheese fritter. crispy and cheesy...... yummmmmmmmmmmm.

We actually also ordered meat balls but the waitress was frank enough to say that we were over ordering (and she as completely right)

Soup of the day was pumpkin.A nice winter warmer and it was hearty

too. A buttery pumpkin consistency with ginger in it to give it that bit of punch. As good as it gets with a family style pumpkin soup!

This is the dish I always get when I come here. The gnocchi is great the way it is on the menu, but personally I like a tomato cream sauce more as the pasta tastes less heavy this way. With many places they don't take menu alterations well, but here they always get it right.

Overall I give this place a 16/20. This isn't a fine dining restaurant but for what they aim to do, they do it very well. Great local eat out and decent prices along with great service. I can't really fault them on much.

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