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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is the new kid on the block in George Calombaris empire of restaurants and eateries across Australia. It is themed as a Greek Street food eatery and is situated where Press Club use to be.

With a hip and urban vibe, the resturant was buzzing when I visited on the weekend. Light is dim but there was full view of the kitchen, far from a fine dining place. 

The menu is set out to be shared and quite affordable. To start I was quite greedy and went with 3 dips and bread (purely because I could not choose and narrow it down to one). The first dip I got was the cauliflower, smoked almonds and crispy pork mince. I can honestly say, I have never had a dip like this. The flavours were more something you would except as puree on the bottom of a dish in a fine restaurant. the cauliflower taste was robust and intense, then together with the pork mince.... I never knew cauliflower and pork mince would go so well together. MUST TRY
Next dip was the Taramosalata with prawn crackers, this was another explosion of flavours in your mouth. The fish roe flavour was so refined then paired with the salty prawn cracker, it's a flavour you need to try it for yourself.
Finally there was the Sweet potato skordalia, pinenuts, orange. This sounds very orginary compared to the other two. Full bodied sweet potato with buttery reminders of pinenuts. However I learnt to like it more and more as the meal progressed. As the other 2 flavours were very intense, this play a nice balance on my pallet and acted as a good contrast of flavours.

For the main I ordered both the chicken and beef souvlaki. The chicken one was the best chicken souvlaki I have ever eaten. The chicken was juicy and succulent, so juicy that as I ate, the chicken juice came out of the other end of the wrap. It was simply served with chips, onions and mustard mayo. The bread was homemade and thicker than your usual bread but it really does showcase street food CAN be do well inside a restaurant without being overly expensive. 
The beef souvlaki was also nice, but once you have tasted the chicken, the beef will only rate as second best.

On the side we got the feta chips. Interesting flavours and I could easily dust off an entire bowl in 1 sitting.

To finish off I had to try the Pavlova, I saw so many of them walk pass me during my meal and it looked so beautiful. This was a light dessert to finish off the meal despite how big it actually looks. The grapefruit curd and cream was just a divine combination of sourness and creamy texture.

Overall I would give this place a 18/20. There aren't many places that make me want to go back and try the entire menu, but this is one of those places.

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