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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Little Tommy Tucker

After a doggy dental date with K, it was only fair that we also got a feed. K took me to Little Tommy Tucker, situated on Centre Rd in Bentleigh. K and I got there first, then R decided to young us. While we were waiting, the staff were really nice and made sure we were ok for drinks.

Since K and I both have a sweet tooth, we got the a vanilla set yoghurt with chia to share, while we wait for R. This was a light tangy yoghurt with a crumb base. There was just enough chia for my liking.

Instead of coffee I opted for juice, as I had a bit of a cold and wanted to keep my vitamin C up.

For the main affair I got the seasoned mushrooms. This came with avocado, lots of mushroom, fetta, poached egg and rye toast. The mushroom were seasoned well and just damn tasty. There was also puffed rice to add the crunch in. Pretty sure R and K looked over at mine with food envy.

R got the eggs benedict. This came with Otway pork neck, poached egg on a sourdough toast. There was a generous amount of Hollandise sauce on top to tie it together. The pork neck was smoked and added great flavour to the meal. This was a classic done, "just the way it should be".

K got the crumpets which came with mandarin pieces, mandarin curd, banana, honey and crushed banana chips. It is great for a sweet tooth, the citrus was great to cut through the crumpets and honey.

Overall 15/20 great little local cafe, there is enough variety on the menu to suit most regular brunch goers.

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