Finished work late and needed a cheap feed. I've been to Mamak in Sydney many times and thought it was time to finally try the one in Melbourne.

At 8.30pm on a Friday, the wait wasn't too bad. We managed to get a seat without waiting too long.

Between D and myself we got the roti chanai, maggie goreng and roti planta. 

Roti chanai came as a big fluffy ball, it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I am not sure if it was because I was so hungry but the serving size felt quite small compared to how I remember it from Sydney. The curry was a bit hot but I like it with a kick, I can see it being too spicy for people who cannot take their spices

Roti planta was quite heavy but very buttery on the inside. It went very well with the dhal and a bit of sambal.

The maggie goreng really hit the spot in my hungry belly that night. Hot wok tossed with fish cake, prawns, eggs and maggie noodle. Just wish they didn't give me a dried up lime and I could have actually squeezed some lime juice on to the noodles

Milo ice and teh tarek is a must have. A bit of milky tea or milo to wash down all that spice and curry.

Overall 14.5/20. It is the perfect, cheap and fast feed.

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