I ♥ Pho 264

If you have ever been to Victoria St in Richmond, you will notice there is an abundance of choice for Vietnamese food. Pho is probably the most well known and popular choice for a lot of people when having Vietnamese dining.

It's not my first time at I ♥ Pho, as it's D's parent's favourite Pho shop on Victoria Street. So when work suggested pho for lunch we naturally gravitated towards it.

I got the fresh beef and beef ball. My colleague A went with the beef special and S went with chicken special noodle soup.

I am not a fan or spring onions so my bowl did not look as colourful as the other 2. When I started eatting, I was disappointed, the soup was not hot enough and the beef was just not fresh. I use to love coming here but it just felt like it's gone downhill. The soup was not as fragrant as it use to be and more just like bland MSG chicken broth. It was just an average bowl of beef soup noodle.

As A was eating his beef special, he mentioned that he was of the same opnion about it not being as good as it use to be.

S had a slight more interesting one. His bowl was not your typical pho, but more vermicelli with chicken, and he seemed to like his, though he did comment that he generally prefers more westernized Vietnamese food.

Finally being the pig that I am, I order prawn springrolls to share. They were fried to a nice golden brown colour with a crisp skin and hot prawn filling. They aren't as good as Indochine's prawn springroll or the ones that O's mum makes, but if I was presented with a plate of these in front of me, I would still clear the plate. (I think I might be turning into a Vietnamese food snob, went to O's wedding on the weekend and I was showered in heaps of yummy home made Vietnamese dishes)

Overall 11/20. Maybe because I have visited this place so many times, but I felt that it didn't live up to my expectations. Not saying the pho was bad, just very average. Guess I'll be going back to Indochine more now, or I just need to visit O's house more often for her mum's cooking. But for what you pay and if you aren't overly picky with your pho, it probably is still one of the better choices on Victoria St.

P.S, I am not sure if it's because of my weak stomach, I did get sick after that meal. S & A were both fine.

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