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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mama Baba

I really feel like I am blogging about this place too late, as they are closing their doors this Saturday.
I recently discovered their $15 take away lunch/dinner special and I'm loving it. So I'm actually really sad to see this place go.
Last night I got the Spiced Lamb spaghetti and the ouzo chips. The spaghetti was like a hit of flavour in the face. Strong lamb flavours and robust spices through out the pasta. Personally I like pastas to be less heavy and more tomato-y but I didn't mind this one at all. The olives were a nice twist as well.

The Ouzo chips taste a bit funny at first but it grows on you. It's doesn't compare to the chips in gazi but it's still way better than the chips you get at your fish and chip joint and it's the same price!

I also went for their lunch special a little while back and I'm only blogging about this as I think the service deserves a mention. With the lunch special you get a beetroot with  salmon to start you off and a salumi plate to share. The cured meat selection we got was definitely something that my friend loved. The delicate slices with the right level of saltiness.

The pasta of the day as a pea and sugarsnap fussilli. Very delicate flavour and the pasta was perfectly al dente. I was quite happy with the meal and it was plenty that I already struggling to finish. Half way through our meal one of the waiters came over and asked us how our meal was. I told him it was beautiful and the fussilli was a nice change but I think my favourite is still their bolognese. It was just a simple conversation and within 10 minutes we had a plate of bolognese on our table complimentary. We were very happy and thrilled as we know that day, the bolognese wasn't actually on the menu.

Oh there was also the salad on the side too! Simple greek salad to help keep things balanced. =)

I've read about many post from other people saying the service is bad. I have to disagree. Each time I have visited (either take away or dine in) the waiters have been friendly. On the odd occasion service will be slow but that is normally only due to the crowd size in the restaurant.

Overall I rate them a 14/20. Not a perfect scored but still extremely sad to see the doors close. It's not the best pasta I've ever had, but it doesn't aim to be the traditional Italian pasta place either.

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