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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sushi Hotaru

Located upstairs in mid city arcade of Chinatown, you will find a huge line outside of this place if you come after 6pm on most nights. It's nothing fancy but sushi trains are always fun and a bit of novelty.

Most plates here are $3 with the exception of gold plates which are $6. On the train you will see a range of variety.

They do a range of gunkan. We tried the lobster one, it wasn't bad for the price.  The eel roll was also quite nice. If you like handrolls, you can order them off the ipad, we tried the soft shell crab handroll but it was pretty ordinary.

Adegashi tofu is another dish that needs to be ordered off the ipad. The sauce was a tad too sweet for my liking. The SCAMPI.... I don't know where to begin.... I can just sit there and eats plates and plates of this. Sadly there is only 1 on each plate. The meat is so soft and sweet. I never knew I could love eating scampi so much.

The onagiri selection is decent, the scallop and beef tataki is worth trying

If you like, you can also order takoyaki off their ipad. Takoyaki is always a favourite of mine, but this place has a rather average version of it. Besides the scampi the seared scallops had to be my favourite sushi of the night. The freshness and the just right seasoning made it awesome on the tastebuds. The 2 way salmon and scallop was also another sushi worth reaching for.

Finally the scampi roll was another one that had to be ordered. It was 'just nice' dish. I would pick the fresh scampi over this one. However for people who prefer cooked food, I would recommend this one. By the time it was dessert I was already full to the brim. Only managed to share a daifuku between the 2 of us.

Overall I think for the price point it's something I would recommend. I like the simplicity of the system. Between 2 people we spent $60 but we smashed down a lot of sushi. Worth trying, but is it an AMAZING Japanese restaurant and service? No, however I will still go back and will aim to get there before 6pm. 16/20

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