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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Little Ramen Bar

The name does not lie, this place is very little and it does serve ramen. For this very small venue it does have a rather cosy feeling and the ramen is pretty slurp worthy too.
I tried the Spicy Miso Ramen. This was served with a thick broth, minced meat, charsiu, vegetables and I added in beanshoots too. There was a very generous amount of noodles. I went with mild spiciness but I ended up adding in chilli oil and chilli powder for that extra kick. It was really good noodles and broth but in terms of ingredients I think a bit more pork would have been ideal

Also tried the charsiu tamago. My favourite part of any ramen is always the egg, it needs to be just runny in the yolk but the white firm and flavoured. This egg wasn't bad and passed the test for my liking. I added extra corn into this one. Again the broth was pretty awesome the noodles were just enough bounce. Out of the two ramen I tried I think I preferred this one, the soup was stronger flavoured and the seaweed and bamboo shoots gave it a bit more texture.

As a side we got the gyoza to share. The skin was thin and delicate which was good but sadly the filling was very VERY salty.....

Overall I would give it a 15/20. Pretty decent ramen and according to the boy it's a big thumbs up from him too!

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