Cumulus Inc

There was a cause for celebration, and my boy really wanted to go back and check out Cumulus Inc for dinner, so off we went on a rainy Saturday and waited 45 minutes for a table. This is not my first visit to Cumulus as back in the days when my BF was trying to impress me during the 'chasing stage' of our relationship we came here for brunch. Anyway enough of my life story and onto the food.

From all the waiting, I was starving by the time we sat down so I just had to get olives or anything just to settle my stomach. The olive for $7 were a nice selection and a nice treat to start off the meal with the house sour dough.

First up was the Tuna tartare with pea salad. This was a favorite from our previous visit and still lived up to our expectation this time. Fresh chunks of Tuna with a wonderfully tossed mash pea salad.

As a side we ordered the potatoes with red wine vinegar and mustard. This was a tasty treat on the side, went great with the O'Connor steak. The steak was full of organic flavor and texture, the way it was cooked highlighted the grade of the beef and really allow the juices to come through.

There was also the zucchini special of the night, which was done with cream fresh..... it was char grilled and served with asparagus. It sadly did not please me one bit. I regret ordering this as all I could taste was burnt zucchini. I just wished I stuck with my original decision on the cauliflower.

To finish off the night, we got the strawberry jelly with coconut sorbet and granita. This was just YUM. If I had room in my stomach I would've ordered a second one. ;)

Overall 17/20. It really does live up to it's expectation and image. The food is a modern and fully respects the produce.  

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