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Monday, May 7, 2012

Manchester Press

One of my friends keeps posting pictures of the coffee art up on facebook. I was actually more intrigued to see the coffee art than the food. But nonetheless I wasn't going to pay it a visit without eating.

Unlike what other people say about the long lines, I went on a weekday at lunch time and had no problems getting a table.

As people always talk about, the coffee art didn't disappoint. I am normally not a coffee lover so I would be no expert but I did like the mocha I got. 

Who knew that coffee could be an art form?

I also ordered the BLT bagel. I was really hungry at the time and when it came I didn't think it would be enough bu surprisingly it was filling. The bacon was good just right and I love the generous amounts of avocado

There was also the chorizo open bagel, and in one word..... delightful. This one was packed full of flavour and the relish was a good complement. It was a good overall balance of bagel, chorizo, relish and salad. Something worth ordering again.

Another bagel we also ordered was the Pastrami bagel. Compared to the other two that were ordered this would come last in preference. It was a satisfying dish but once there is comparison it was not the best.

Overall 15/20
Good price for what we got. Something worth visiting. Manchester Press on Urbanspoon

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