I will admit it upfront, I have a bit of a sweet tooth and I like pretty things. So learning that LuxBite was both, meant it was a must visit place for me.

Being in May with winter looming around the corner, things tend to feel grey from the weather so a nice dessert can be uplifting. The decor in the place is really bright and cosy, fitting right in with the Toorak crowd. As a little cafe with just a few tables near the window, it would be the perfect brunch or a good girls lunch spot. Brightly lit with cute and dainty fittings, it truly aims to give you that happy dessert place feeling.

This place is well known for it's macaroons, ranging from kaya toast to pandan and peanut butter jelly combo. I got an 8 pack consisting of: rose and lychee, pandan, kaya toast, bamboo oolong tea, ribena lemonade, green tea pistachio, peach and apricot cocktail and peanut butter jelly. Of the 8 my favourite was pandan. This was very fragrant without being overpowering. Kaya toast was a surprising change too, but I think you would need to have had a real kaya toast before to appreciate this flavour. The others were also nice but not as unique as those two.

There was so many cakes to choose and after much dilemma I decided on Endless Love, Meringue Monster and take away a Oriental Love.

Endless love is just one of those things that is so pretty to look at you want to eat it. A big oversized macaroon with fresh raspberries, rose cream and lychee ganache. Just the combination to make any girl go gaga and want to take pictures of it. The fresh raspberry had the hint of sourness which made the overall dessert feel fresh and not overly sweet. It would hit the spot if you had a berry craving.

Meringue Monster was as the name suggests, a meringue cake. With soft meringue on the outside and pistachio cake, peach melba, apricot cream, raspberry and pistachio bits. You really need to cut into this cake to see how beautifully it's layered inside and the array of colours.When you bite into it, you can also taste each individual layer. All the layers beautifully complement each other as well. On  the visual Endless Love may be more appealing but in taste, Meringue Monster ranks higher.

Oriental Love, another big macaroon. This with banana's as the key ingredient. Unlike endless lover this has no hints of sourness, instead it smells tantalizing with the sweetness of the banana and the pandan. There is also a bit of a crunch/chewiness with the small bits of crushed peanuts and you would occasionally taste the sesame. Out of the three this was definitely my favourite. But I might be a bit bias as I love the smell of pandan.

Overall a 15/20. I am looking forward to going back to try the breakfast menu.

Pricing $ Expensive if you compare it to cakes from Cakeworld or Breadtop but quite value for money if you compare it to patisseries of it's calibre.

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  1. This looks like a great place to visit next trip to Melbourne!


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