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Monday, January 4, 2016

Scroll Ice Cream

Back when the Taste of Melbourne was taking place, I discovered Scroll Ice Cream. Unlike traditional ice cream that comes in scoops, Scroll ice cream comes in scroll form. It has a variety of flavours that were fresh or chocolatey. So when I got an invite to try more of their ice cream and learn how to scroll some of my own I couldn't turn the offer down.

So before we talk about the taste, you might be wondering how it's made. So the ice cream base is in liquid form and poured onto a cold plate. From there you add in the flavours/textures you want (e.g. lychee, strawberries, pretzel etc.) and start chopping away. After a bit of chopping, you spread it thin and scroll it up. Put the scrolls in cup nicely, then add in the toppings. This concept came from Thailand, one of the owners was on holidays in Thailand with his girlfriend, she loved it so he decided to bring it back to Melbourne so she could have it whenever she wants (cute story).

I was lucky to try three of their flavours and make one of my own. The first one I tried was Perfect Matcha. This had a lychee, matcha base and topped with more lychee and pocky. The good thing about scroll is, you can customize how strong you want the matcha flavour to be. The ice cream flavour was smooth and surprisingly didn't have a lot of have a lot of ice crystals in it. The lychee gave it that bit of sweetness to cut through the matcha.

Second one was Salted Caramel Popcorn. This was as the name suggested, a salted caramel based ice cream (duh) with salted pretzel smashed in. The texture had a bite and topped with popcorn and more pretzel, was a fantastic combination of bite, creaminess and crunch.

The other flavour we tried was the strawberry pavlova (I made this one), this was a vanilla base, then with strawberries and meringue smashed in with the ice cream base. The creamy texture with the strawberries and meringue through it made it a good interpretation of the real thing. (Sorry guys, no close up of this one, my skills aren't as good as the Scroll peeps, so it wasn't very photogenic)

Overall I was impressed with the ice creams I tasted. Besides the novelty of the presentation, the flavours we tried had a great range of depth of taste and a array of textures.

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