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Friday, February 6, 2015

Miss Marple's Tearoom

If you feel like going for a drive to Mt Dandenong or doing the 1000 steps, Miss Marple's is a good place to stop by. Located on Tourist Road in Sassafras, it's hard to miss, there is usually a long line or large groups of tourist outside waiting for a table. It's a small tea house and when you walk in, you are instantly greeted with a cottage feel.

 We come here a lot so we knew exactly what we wanted once we were seated. To start we got the chicken, cheese, pineapple fingers to share. These were no frills chicken pieces, pineapple and English cheddar melted on top. Garnished with a handful of alfalfa. This is nothing fancy but satisfying in the way it feels like how 'mum would make it'.

Next on the agenda was the beef cottage pie. Served in a small baking dish, there was mince beef filling topped with fluffy potato mash and a side of home made relish. This is not your fine dining type of pie, but more so the pie you would find at grandma's house.

We moved to the sweets next, we got their famous Devonshire scones. These are by far the softest scones I've ever eaten, it boarder lines a cake and it's so good. We got 4 to share between us, 2 fruit and 2 plain. Four was excessive but just 1 each is never enough either. They come out steaming hot and with the whipped cream and home made jam, it makes that long drive up there all worth it.

Together with a cup of Yorkshire Gold it was just the perfect afternoon tea.

After the scones, there was the ice creams, I don't know why I always make the same mistake, I can never finish it but I always order it. The first dessert was the Sundae Best, this was a massive sundae with layers vanilla ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, flaked almonds and topped with a glacier cherry. This dessert is very big so I would recommend to share. It is any child's dream dessert and I still get every time, even though I can't finish it.

The other dessert we got was the vicar's folly. This sundae came with butterscotch ice cream honeycomb, caramel fudge, chocolate and whipped cream. It is very old school palour feel and it taste as you would expected.

Overall 15/20 I always enjoy a visit to Miss Marple's, the home style food and old school desserts. It is not your fancy dishes but it hits the spot. Oh and those scones.... it's a must try.

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